A Mask for Any Occasion

Best for Fancy Dinner / Date Night

Ok, so I know “fancy” face mask sounds a little ridiculous, but did you really spend that much time getting ready for date night just to have a disposable PPE mask ruin your whole look? Let’s face it – there are some moments that a “fancy” dinner mask would come in handy. In which case, I would suggest a satin mask. They are subtle yet add just enough style and class to compliment any look. 

Best mask for healthy skin

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✨Blissy Silk Face Mask✨ Made from the same silk as our pillowcases, these #masks make the perfect companion when you need to go out, while the current face mask requirements are in place. Speaking of which, are probably going to be in place for some time. This is an excellent alternative to normal cloth and #DIY face masks😷These are 100% pure #silk, feel extremely gentle on your face all while helping protect yourself and those around you. The straps are elastic for you to adjust for a comfortable fit💕 Plus they look absolutely fabulous! They are now available in Pink and Silver. If you have a medical face mask already, simply wear this underneath so you can have a much more comfortable experience, or wear it over your medical mask to give your face mask a Blissy finish✨ If you know of any essential workers whose jobs require them to wear a face mask all day. This makes the perfect gift. They just have to wear this under their current medical mask and they’ll have all day comfort. Disclaimer: This mask has not been approved by the FDA to protect against any bacteria or virus. This is not an N-95 Class Respirator. This mask will provide the same protection that a DIY cloth face mask can provide. 💕Sending a virtual hug to all of our #Blissy babes #StaySafe 💕

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And if stepping up your style wasn’t reason enough to invest in a silky mask – do it for the sake of your skin. Mascne is real people, and Blissy is here to help. Blissy masks are made with mulberry silk that is extremely gentle on your skin and has antibacterial properties. Invest in one of these and your skin will thank you.

Best mask for exercise 

Breathing is hard enough when it comes to working out, and that extra barrier to oxygen that wearing a mask provides can certainly be very uncomfortable to say the least. While it’s important to continue wearing masks while working out, there are some masks that might make gasping for air slightly less of a struggle. Onzie uses the material that they use to make their leggings. These masks are a great option because they do offer the necessary coverage, yet still allow for more airflow.

Best masks for everyday wear 

When I think “everyday wear” in relation to masks, the only two things I am really worried about is comfort and effectiveness – that’s where Jaanuu comes in. Jaanuu has taken to creating the “softest, most comfortable face masks available” by using the fabric from their antimicrobial-finished scrubs to make masks. 

Best Mask for Movember 

Thinking about participating in No Shave November but worried that no one will be able to appreciate your dedication to the movement thanks to your face mask? Well worry no longer – the perfect solution is right here for you. Check out this bearded mask!