8 Fun and Cheap Things to Do in San Francisco

San Francisco is an incredible city with so much to offer, including plenty of fun activities that will not break the bank. The various neighborhoods full of unique personality, the number of parks throughout, and beautiful scenery set the stage for endless possibilities as far as activities are concerned. Really all you need to do is wander around through the city and there’s your fun, but let’s think of some specific options…

Take an Archery Lesson at Golden Gate Park ($40/person)

GGP has tons and tons of activities to choose from and has lessons for anyone interested in learning all of them. Archery is an option that for many of us is an unfamiliar activity that is tons of fun. Lessons include equipment, so all you need to do is show up. You can check out archery lessons and more here.

Solve Puzzles around San Francisco on an electric scooter ($15pp for a group of 5)

My very favorite activity on the list – taking a scooter escape game tour of San Francisco! If electric scootering, city tours, and escape rooms had a baby, that baby would be SF Escape Tour. Turn the city into your playground and escape the ultimate San Francisco city tour on.. a scooter. Grab a group and get on your scooters and time go vroom! 

Bike Through Golden Gate Park ($32/bike rental)

The GGP has tons of fun things to do, but a personal favorite way to enjoy the presidio is to hop on a bike and explore. If you don’t have your own, you can rent bikes from right next to GGP through Parkwide Rentals and Tours or Unlimited Biking. There is plenty of beautiful walking and biking trails that take you through wooded areas and past art installations, flower gardens, performers, and so much more. You will never run out of fun things to see. 

Play Pickleball with Friends at a Park – ($0- $40)

Pickleball is an inexpensive activity that is super fun and anyone can play. Players of any ability, whether it be a first-time player or a seasoned pro, everyone will be able to have fun playing this sport. You can play for free on any public tennis court, and there is plenty to be found at the parks all around the city. Once you find a court and a group of 4 players, here’s what you’ll need: some pickleball paddles, a pickleball (it’s a heavier version of a Wiffle ball), and some white chalk or tape to mark the lines on the court. See the video above to learn more about outlining the court! 

Hike Through Land’s End (Free)

Land’s End has some incredible and picturesque ocean and forest views on both sunny and cloudy days and it’s a great place to hike as well as a picnic along the bluffs. You can start by the Sutro Baths and then take the Coastal Trail all the way to the other side of Land’s End. There are plenty of great picnic spots along the way. And don’t miss out on all the historical plaques along the way, they are more interesting than you might think!

Grab a Sandwich in the Castro and Head toward Dolores Park ($8.95)

Is there anything better than a fantastic sandwich in a beautiful park to make an afternoon great? Rossi’s Deli is in the heart of the Castro and they make amazing sandwiches. Check out what’s going on in the bustling streets of the Castro and then walk with your sandwich over to Dolores Park to enjoy the energy of this beautiful park.

Daycation Across the Bay ($28 + brunch)

Ever feel like you need to get away, but not too far? Sausalito is calling! Take the ferry across the bay and walk around the adorable city full of energy and restaurants. And while you’re over on that side, maybe hiking on Angel island is the activity you’ve been looking for. Hit the trails and finish it off with a lovely brunch in Sausalito – you can’t go wrong. Need ferry tickets, click here.


San Francisco is a city that never stops giving. Make sure you enjoy it to the fullest extent every moment you can. You won’t be able to run out of fun options if you keep your eyes open. So grab some friends, get outside, and go have fun in San Francisco!