7 most exhilarating city tours in San Francisco

There are many different ways to experience a city, but whatever way you choose there is always an opportunity to maximize your experience by either creating your own tour or being led through one. Below are tours that are built around the fun activities and locations that make San Francisco an amazing place to explore. Keep reading to find out which tours are waiting for you.

Escape Tour – SF city tour meets outdoor escape game

friends on scooters exploring San Francisco on an outdoor escape game

Don’t want to have to choose just one area? SF Escape Tour is one of the best ways to get around the city and see as much as possible efficiently all while passing by a variety of amazing dining options to stop in. SF Escape Tour is both an escape game and a city tour that uses the power of scootering to get you all over the city. This comprehensive tour of the city uses games to get you from one fun destination to the next. You, as participants, are prompted to solve puzzles, then rewarded with directions to the next location every time you succeed. This tour is a mix between outdoor fun and puzzle adventure all while riding a scooter. It’s a great way to see San Francisco in a way that is both efficient and very fun.

Alameda / Oakland Brewery Tour 

Alameda is a great place to visit some local wineries and breweries. You will have plenty to see and do for a full and fun day. Plus, if you depart from Pier 41, the Short Hop Ferry is only $1 with a clipper card! Find out more about fares and schedules here. The island of Alameda often has warmer temperatures than the city as well, so a great place to go for some sunny weather. Urban Legend Cellars is a great starting point and has some beautiful views of the San Francisco skyline.

SF Food Truck Park Tour 

When in doubt, exploring a city through food is always a great option. All throughout San Francisco, there are plenty of food parks. Spend some time outside with friends and eat to your heart’s content. You can find food truck parks throughout all the neighborhoods of the city, but some notable parks include Parklab Gardens and SPARK Social in Mission Bay, District SIX in SOMA, and Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center in the Marina District. Grab a buddy, hop on a scooter, and have a day of eats! 

Chinatown Walking Tour 

San Francisco is home to the largest China Town in the world outside of Asia. It is about 24 square blocks and a must-visit in the city. There is an endless amount of amazing food and culture. You can find the Dragon’s Gate entrance to China Town at Bush St. & Grant Ave and it runs north from there. 

Little Italy Walking Tour 

If you continue North past Chinatown, you’ll run into North Beach which is home to the Little Italy of San Francisco. Home to some incredible Italian food and bustling nightlife, this is a great spot to end up. Walking along and around Columbus Ave, you are sure to stumble upon a gem. One of the best spots for nightlife in the area is Green St. You can also grab some pizza and maybe a bottle of wine and head to Washington Square Park for a picnic. This is a quaint park right in the heart of Little Italy / North Beach next to a beautiful St. Peter & Paul Church

Brunch in the Castro before Picnicking at Dolores

The Castro neighborhood is alive with wonderful energy. It’s a great place to walk around or grab a mimosa or two. There are many top-notch brunch spots throughout the area. Fable on Castro St. is a great option. Then not to far down the way is Dolores Park, one of the best places to get the most out of a sunny day. It will be warmer than everywhere else and full of people enjoying the day. It is the perfect spot for a sunny park hang day. 

Giants Game

What makes you feel the energy of a city more than being surrounded by thousands of other people all full of pride in their city? Not much, and a great way to experience one of those scenarios is to attend a Giant’s baseball game. Even if you are not a big baseball fan, it’s a fun and fairly inexpensive event that is fun to attend. Grab a hotdog and some delicious stadium snacks and just enjoy being around the energy of some fellow San Franciscans. 


These are just a few of the countless ways to tour the city of San Francisco, but they are classics for a reason. The best tours are always the ones that are outside, give you an opportunity to have a great time with friends and family, and encourage you to soak in the culture of wherever you are. Hopefully, all of these bring all of that to you. Happy touring!