Best San Francisco City Tours

The weather is ideal and it’s time to get outdoors as much as possible! Here are some of the best outdoor tours that take you to some of the most interesting and beautiful outdoor locations in and around the city of San Francisco. 

SF Escape Tour 

outdoor escape room on electric scooter meets SF city tour
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Starting off at the Ferry Building, your best option for a comprehensive tour around the city would be the SF Escape Tour. This tour is a mix between an escape room, a guided tour, and a scavenger hunt all while riding a scooter. The idea is that every time you complete a puzzle at one location, you are led to a new exciting place throughout the city. It’s a great way to see San Francisco in a way that is both efficient and very fun. 

Golden Gate Bridge Tour 

The city’s most iconic landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge, in addition to being the city’s most iconic landmark, offers passage across the bay, and all around it there are interesting things to explore such as incredible views of the bridge from a new perspective, Fort Point, and even a military pet cemetery. Under the bridge is an incredible perspective of the Golden Gate Bridge’s size from the ground. And for any of you film/tv buffs out there, this is also the filming location for many Movies and Television including scenes in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo,” “Silicon Valley”, and many more. It is also home to Fort Point National Historic Site, a U.S. military fort that dates back to the mid-1800s. There are plenty of plaques and interesting structures where you can learn more about the early military presence in San Francisco. And a bonus activity would be to check out the pet cemetery nearby just across from Crissy Field, you can find more info here

Hiking Tour Through the Presidio 

The Presidio is a 15,000-acre former military post that has a lot to offer. First, there are many grassy areas and a large lawn surrounded by former military housing where you can spend a nice picnic day and grab some food at a food truck. But it is also a wonderful place to hike. With 24 miles of trails to wander around, there is no shortage of options and plenty of trees all around that are beautiful and have that classic Northern California smell. Find out more about the Presidio and what it has to offer here.

Historic Land’s End & Sutro Heights Walking Tour 

This is an amazing area surrounding the bridge that offers gorgeous views of the bridge and has great trails, including the Coastal Trail that takes you along the edge of the continent . It was also once home to Sutro Heights, an elegant public garden, developed by Alfred Sutro in 1885 and the Sutro Baths, a lavish bathhouse, developed 1894. *Keep an eye out for more information plaques. 

Visit San Francisco’s Largest Beach: Ocean Beach 

Just to the East of the Bridge is Ocean Beach. Whether you would like to catch a wave or grab a bite to eat at the Beach Chalet, this is where you can venture if you’re due for a Beach Day. Ocean Beach is a 3.5 mile stretch of white sand beach. Plenty of space to have the ultimate beach day.

Do it yourself Alcatraz Tour 

Grab some tickets and head over to Alcatraz via the Ferry. You can get your tickets in person at Pier 33, or online here. The tickets include your ferry ride, your admission, and an audio tour headset. 

Take the Bus to the Muir Redwoods

If you’re looking to disconnect for a bit surrounded by beautiful redwood trees, Muir Woods is the way to go. A shuttle from San Francisco is only $3.25 for adults, you can reserve a seat here. There are many beautiful trails and walking trails with plaques that offer some great info and lead you in the right direction.

Alamere Falls

If you’re feeling ambitious and looking for a significant hiking adventure, Alameda falls is a beautiful destination that is worth your while. Getting to the falls though is a hike that is 13.5 miles at minimum. You can find a map to the falls here.  

Point Reyes

Point Reyes 

Camping at Kirby Cove

Looking to spend an extended amount of time surrounded by the great outdoors? Kirby Cove offers an incredible opportunity to be outdoors, surrounded by nature, all while also having amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s the perfect place to have a camping experience that is the perfect mix between being near the city, yet a perspective that feels like stepping out into nature. Click here to check out all the activities you can enjoy while camping.

San Francisco is so lucky to be blessed with so many incredible places to visit, it’d be a shame to not see as many as possible! Whether you want to spend your day outdoors scooting through the city, or maybe hiking through the trees is what you’re feeling, the tours mentioned above are some of the very best options and will not disappoint. I hope you enjoy this beautiful city!