2024 Ultimate Guide to the Best Food Trucks in San Francisco

Check Out Some Of The Best San Francisco Food Trucks 

With Spring fast approaching, it is time to think about sunny skies, fresh air, and delicious food! Thankfully, you can have all of that and more at some of the best spots in San Francisco for visiting a variety of food trucks at the most iconic locations in the city. You wont want to miss out on these opportunities as some of these trucks visit on limited occasions. Go ahead, grab a few friends, and get ready to grub while enjoying the weather. 

Spark Social

If you’re on the hunt for the best food in SF, let me tell you, Spark Social SF is where it’s at. This isn’t your average food truck park; it’s a carnival of the best food trucks in San Francisco, offering everything from succulent tacos to steaming bowls of street food that’ll have you drooling. Imagine biting into a crispy al pastor taco or savoring a hearty burrito packed with flavorful carnitas. Food trucks here not only serve up traditional favorites but also vegan delights and specialties like fish tacos that’ll make your heart (and stomach) sing. And yes, the food truck scene in 2024 still sees Spark Social SF as a go-to spot for those looking to dine on local vendors’ most savory creations. Once you have food in hand, you can gather with your mates around several fire pits, cozy nooks for your bash, or plop down on benches that are all over – some sunny, some shady. Way at the back, there’s this wide-open spot called Spark Field, perfect for letting the kids and dogs run wild. Honestly, no matter where you end up roaming around, you’re bound to stumble upon a cozy corner and some mouth-watering food trucks that’ll catch your eye.

Parklab Gardens

Across the street of from Spark Social is Parklab Gardens that offers additional food, lounge, and a mini golf course. Parklab Gardens features a variety of food trucks and vendors, offering a wide range of cuisines to cater to diverse tastes.  The selection of vendors can vary, with some being permanent fixtures while others rotate on a regular basis, providing an ever-changing gastronomic landscape. In addition to the vendors, the lounge areas within Parklab Gardens provide spaces for relaxation and socialization. These areas are outfitted with comfortable seating, fire pits, and other amenities to create a cozy and inviting environment where visitors can unwind and enjoy the ambiance. The on site mini golf course makes Parklab Gardens not just a place to eat, but an entertainment destination in its own right. The course offers 18 holes all uniquely themed with bay area icons and intricate scenes to play with.

SOMA StrEat Food Park

If you’re cruising through the Bay Area hungering for some top-notch street food, swing by SOMA StrEat Food Park in San Francisco. It’s like hitting the jackpot for everything from crispy fry delights to gourmet Indian food truck samosas. And here’s the kicker – their lineup is always on the move, they rotate the trucks so it’s like a new menu every visit! Moreover, with the use of a menu maker, they’re able to craft enticing food truck menus that keep customers coming back for more. Whether it’s Señor Sisig serving up insane Filipino street food or Roli Roti rolling in with their delectable porchetta, every bite is a journey. Not to mention, this place is a permanent food truck haven that’s all about local food and big flavors. For more fun after the food check out the nearby music venues and escape room!

Presidio Pop Up

Level up your park day game by visiting the Presidio Pop Up, featuring multiple pools of food trucks throughout the park. To find these clusters of food trucks, you can visit the Main Parade Lawn, the Presidio Plaza, the Outpost, or the Mason (aptly named for its location on Mason Street next to the Crissy Field Center). With various locations to discover food trucks in this beautiful park, you are sure to find a spot to relax in after grabbing your bite. If the scenic view of the Presidio isn’t enough, there is plenty in the vicinity to explore to your hearts content. From the Parade Lawn, both Presidio Bowl and The Wald Disney Family Museum are few minutes walk away; the Presidio Plaza is central to Tunnel Tops Park and the Visitor Center; and the Outpost is at the footsteps of a children’s playground. 

 Off The Grid Fort Funston

If you’re looking to dive deep into San Francisco’s cutting edge SF food scene, Fort Mason Center is where it’s at. Imagine a culinary adventure where local vendors collaborate with 150 of the city’s finest to bring you everything from mouth-watering cochinita, guacamole and crisp carnitas to fried chicken that’s just the right amount of crispy. The gang’s all here, from brick-and-mortar chefs spinning up rotisserie magic to Aunt Vicky’s vans dishing out comfort food staples like Hawaiian slider buns loaded with everything awesome. After you’ve had your fill, be sure to go ahead to venture out to North Beach for evening entertainment or Polk Street for a night cap. Alternatively, head take a 15 minute walk to Aquatic Park to soak up a sunset.