10, 000 unique Codex

Uncover the secrets within.

Codex is a collection of 10,000 digital art NFTs—unique digital art pieces living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each artwork is unique, with its own color palette and attributes.

Codex owners receive exclusive benefits. The first of which is use it to alter the physical environment in Glitch, a high-tech escape room set in a futuristic Silicon fabrication facility. Future perks and experiences will be announce as Codex evolve over time.

A Non-Fungible Token that can alter its physical environment


The roadmap outlines where Codex is heading and some ideas we are currently exploring. It is ever evolving and gets better over time.

Codex NFT

Codex is the DNA of this whole project and will be stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is to make digital art and future tech experiences available to all. The drop release date will be announced as soon as possible when all quality standards have been met. 

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Physical Experience

Scheduled to open to the public in Q1 of 2022, Glitch is an immersive in-person escape room set in a futuristic Fab, a Silicon wafer fabrication plant. However, a glitch has been detected and players must debug the Fab in order to prevent the world from grinding to a halt.

Besides a functioning Fab, players will need a Codex, which contains machine instructions required for the wafer fabrication process. Each codex has unique attributes that can help players in this process and affect the physical environment around them.

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Codex + Hardware

We know and work with some of the most innovative technology companies from Silicon Valley and beyond. We will explore unique ways to interact with digital art and further expand the Codex ecosystem.


Codex Metaverse

As Codex continues to evolve, we will plan and execute an exclusive second drop that provides tools needed for life in the metaverse. This milestone also solidifies the distinct aesthetics and evolutionary trajectory of the next Codex form. Our inquiry towards machines and relationships will continue while the lines between each dimension gradually disappears.