2024 San Francisco Bay Area Music Festival Calendar: Beyond Outside Lands

Here are the Biggest San Francisco Bay Area Music Festivals in the 2024 Calendar Year That Aren’t Outside Lands 

I enjoy frolicking around Golden Gate Park for Outside Lands every year just as much, if not more, as the next San Francisco resident does; however it is time to be more adventurous this year and experience the other amazing summer music festivals the bay has to offer. This summer has a host of exciting concert series’ to join in on – all of which will be an unforgettable experience. From EDM, to reggae, to rap, to rock, all varieties of genres will be offered this summer. Some of these events are free performances with well known headliners and all will feature up and coming performers your ears will perk up to.

Portola Music Festival

Portola Festival is the baby of the best of the Bay Area music festivals, having only been conceived two years ago. Fans of electronic dance music and rave culture will embrace this festival with open arms and hearts as they groove their way around this three day festival. Attendees will experience a warehouse landscape, with cranes from the shipyard in the backdrop, bringing an authentic feel of an underground industrial rave to Pier 80. Portola does not just favor electronic music however – other genres heard at the event include pop, R&B, and alternative jazz. Sustainability is also important at Portola, with reusable r.Cups in hand by most attendees from the beverage vendors on site. This festival is something worth keeping your eye on as it gains popularity from well known and upcoming artists alike. Keep your eyes open for this event come September.


If you’re a music enthusiast looking for an unforgettable experience, the BottleRock Music Festival is your perfect destination. Held annually in the heart of Napa Valley, this festival is not just about world-class music; it offers a unique blend of top-tier culinary experiences, wine, and brews, embodying the rich culture of the region. The lineup at BottleRock is famously diverse, featuring a mix of big-name artists and emerging talents across various genres, ensuring there’s something for every attendee. Additionally, the event hosts BottleRock Afterdark, where audiences can gather to various bay area venues to listen to festival performers at private concerts. This combination of sensational music, exquisite cuisine, and indulgent experiences makes BottleRock a must-visit event that transcends the traditional music festival format. Be sure to grab tickets to this festival happening from May 24th through May 26th.

Mosswood Meltdown

Held in the picturesque settings of Mosswood Park in Oakland, this festival is not just about music; it’s about community, art, and immersion in a culture that celebrates diversity and creativity. One of the main reasons to attend is the eclectic lineup that features everything from punk rock to indie, ensuring there’s something for every kind of music lover The opportunity to discover new artists or witness performances by beloved bands in a scenic outdoor setting is incomparable. Furthermore, the festival is known for its affordable ticket prices, making it accessible to a wider audience who wish to experience the magic of live music without breaking the bank. In essence, the Mosswood Meltdown Music Festival is not just an event; it’s a destination for making memories, meeting new friends, and celebrating the transformative power of music. Come dance at this festival on July 6th and 7th..

Breakaway Festival

Breakaway Festival is not just an event; it’s a vibrant celebration of music, culture, and the collective spirit of adventure among music lovers. This festival leans heavy into the electronic dance music genre, however we have seen artists like Kendrick Lamar, and Chance the Rapper make appearances to shake up the scene. The crowd’s energy, coupled with stunning visual and audio production, makes every moment unforgettable. experience. In addition, the location of the festival, often set at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, enhances the overall experience, making it not just a musical journey but vibrant venue for fans to gather.

Stern Grove Festival

Attending the Stern Grove Festival is an experience like no other, offering a unique blend of nature and culture that stands out among summer events. Tucked away in the heart of San Francisco, this festival provides an opportunity to enjoy top-notch performances in an idyllic setting. This historic event (dating back to its debut in 1938) is another free music festival San Francisco has to offer, making it one of the more popular events every year in the city. From world-renowned musicians to emerging local artists, the lineup is meticulously curated to offer a wide range of genres, catering to diverse musical tastes. Additionally, the surrounding grove, with its towering eucalyptus and redwoods, offers a picturesque backdrop, enhancing the overall experience. This natural amphitheater not only provides excellent acoustics but also a chance to unwind and reconnect with nature, making it a must-visit destination for both music lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. This event is usually held over multiple weekends spanning June through August.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is an event that truly encapsulates the essence of music, community, and sheer joy. One compelling reason to attend this festival is its incredible versatility. It’s not just for bluegrass aficionados; the festival embraces a spectrum of music genres, making it a vibrant, eclectic gathering that’s hard to resist. Moreover, the festival’s atmosphere is unparalleled. Nestled in the scenic beauty of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, it offers a breathtaking backdrop for enjoying live music. What makes this festival even more appealing is its accessibility. It’s a rare gem in today’s world—a completely free event. This inclusivity ensures that everyone, regardless of their economic background, can enjoy the magic of live music, fostering a sense of community and unity amongst its attendees. Lastly, the event’s commitment to showcasing a mix of established legends and emerging talents allows attendees to not only see their favorites but also discover new artists, making each visit to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass an exciting adventure in musical exploration. Catch the fest this year from Friday, October 4th through Sunday, October 6th.

Monterey Jazz Festival

Attending the Monterey Jazz Festival is an unparalleled experience that offers enthusiasts not just an opportunity to witness the exhilarating performances of world-renowned artists, but also to imbibe in the rich culture and history of jazz. This event, celebrated for being one of the longest consecutively running jazz festivals in the world, showcases a diverse array of talent, ranging from legendary musicians to emerging stars, ensuring that there’s something for every aficionado. The festival’s unique ambiance, set against the picturesque backdrop of Monterey, California, further enhances the attendees’ experience, making it more than just a musical journey. Here, one can also engage in educational events, panel discussions, and workshops that delve into the intricacies of jazz music, its evolution, and its impact on society. Additionally, the festival’s commitment to sustainability and promotion of music education among the youth makes it a beacon for positive community values. In essence, the Monterey Jazz Festival is not just about listening to music; it’s about experiencing the soul of jazz in an environment that celebrates its past, present, and future. Get your jazz on for this festival from September 2tth through the 29th.

California Roots

Cali Roots, is a vibrant, must-attend event for anyone looking to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of musical diversity and cultural expression. Situated in the picturesque Monterey County Fairgrounds, this annual festival not only showcases a dynamic lineup of reggae, roots, and folk artists but also serves as a beacon for unity, love, and environmental sustainability. The festival’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its initiatives like recycling programs, water stations, and the encouragement of eco-friendly practices among attendees. Moreover, Cali Roots isn’t just for adults; it offers a family-friendly atmosphere that includes a myriad of activities for all ages, making it a perfect weekend getaway for music lovers. Swing by for some music from May 24th through 26th.