Unique Ways to Celebrate your Team

The year is winding down, but this final stretch run is often the most hectic. End-of-year deadlines combine with never-ending lists of holiday to-dos and time just goes whooshing by and suddenly its next year.

But this is also the time of the year that gives us an opportunity to reflect on what weve accomplished over the past 12 months. Every year offers an epic tale, but its a story no one truly knows until its told.

The word celebrate comes from the Latin word celebrare, meaning assemble to honor or to publish, or sing praises of, and came into modern uses in the 1550s (well, not that modern), meaning to commemorate with demonstrations of joy.

We work so hard together; now is the time to celebrate together. Here are three easy ways to get things started.

Identify your milestones

Lets be real here. Surely kumbaya is not for everyone and the power of positive thinking has lost its appealin too many self-help LinkedIn posts. Yet too often we move onto the next challenge without collectively celebrating the hurdle we just jumped. Take a moment to look back at the team’s progression and identify meaningfulmilestones. Because nows the time for the victory dance.

Document the Year

God knows we live in a world awash in documents, but as a team lets close out the year with a really fun document. Be creative; all the tools we use for work can now be turned towards fun. Assemble photos from your phones; do video interviews with each other; form a little subcommittee to assemble a multi-media timeline; make up a montage of yourteam; or simply send out an email telling the Great Tales of the Year.

Share a Moment

Celebration knows no hierarchy. If you are a team leader, its obviously a great idea to sit down with your team members to go over the years challenges, successes, and what was learned. But whatever your position is, you can easily tear down the roof with your co-workers. Celebration is contagious; make the ripple that forms a wave that turns into a tsunami of celebration none has ever witnessed before.

If you are planning an event, don’t forget to check out our step by step on how to maximize team bonding at your next holiday party. Now let’s get the party started!