10 Best Escape Room Games on the PS5

As creators of escape rooms and enthusiasts of the genre ourselves, escape room console gaming is something we love and enjoy. The Ps5 now has an expanded collection of puzzle-solving and escape-room games. The games in this list include co-op games, 3D board games, and true escape room experiences of course. When it comes to the best puzzle games available on the Ps5, be sure to consider this lineup!

Embark on a virtual escape room adventure to the frontiers of space science.

Creepy Tale: Ingrid Penance

Ingrid Penance is a creepy tale that takes players on an immersive journey filled with mystery and suspense. As one of the best puzzle games on PS5, it provides a unique and thrilling experience for players. Ingrid Penance puts players in the shoes of a character trapped in a haunted house, where their ultimate goal is to find a way to escape. The game’s compelling storyline and intricate puzzle solving keep players engaged and on the edge of their seat throughout the gameplay. Ingrid Penance offers a wide range of features, including stunning graphics, atmospheric sound design, and challenging puzzles that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It’s a great game for players who enjoy intense and suspenseful gameplay with a mix of horror and puzzle elements. The game is available for both PS5 and PS4, making it accessible to a wider range of players. With its competitive price, Ingrid Penance is a must-have for puzzle game enthusiasts looking for an exhilarating and immersive gaming experience.

Between Time: Escape Room

Between Time: Escape Room is an exciting new adventure game for the Playstation 5 that released in 2023. This game combines the thrill of an escape room with the immersive qualities of video games. Players will be presented with a variety of challenging puzzles to solve and will have to work their way through a list of escape room scenarios. Between Time is an escape room game that will test your skills. Travel through time, explore mysterious places around the planet, solve puzzles, decode secret codes, and find hidden objects and treasures. The game features stunning graphics and realistic sound effects that will keep you engaged throughout your adventure. Created by professional escape room designers, this game is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. And the best part? Between Time: Escape Room is available at a price of just $9.99, making it accessible to gamers of all budgets.

Escape Academy

Welcome to Escape Academy, in this game, you arrive at a school where gifted students are taught to become elite escapists. Explore over twelve meticulously designed chambers, crafted by experienced experts in the field of real escape rooms. Escape Academy is an extraordinary puzzle game that immerses you in a captivating world of escape rooms. The game is also available on PC. Every challenge poses a unique test, forcing you to tap into your creative thinking abilities. Furthermore, the game features an enthralling storyline and cooperative mode, elevating the enjoyment of playing alongside a partner. 


Maquette is a game based on puzzles where players are fully immersed in a first-person perspective. What makes this game unique is that it takes place in a world that contains smaller replicas of itself. By engaging with one dimension, it will have an impact on the other dimensions. For example, we can manipulate objects. When we encounter a large cube blocking our path, we can use the miniature version of the world as a model to move the cube and create a way through. This action will also affect the large cube in our own dimension, enabling us to progress further. The central idea of the game revolves around this interaction between dimensions. Players must acquire the skills to strategically relocate objects from one location to another by utilizing the mini and maxi versions. Additionally, they can transfer objects between dimensions to change their size and adapt them to their specific needs. 

Call of The Sea

Call of the Sea is an otherworldly tale of mystery and love set in the 1930s South Pacific. You’ll take on the role of a young woman looking to unravel the mystery behind her husband. The game also features stunning tropical island meticulously modelled in Unreal Engine 4 brimming with fantastic sights, lost ruins and occult mysteries. You’ll be solving various puzzles to unlock secrets in the hunt for your husband’s missing expedition. This game’s visuals are absolutely stunning, and there are many new puzzles to unpack from one location to the next!

How 2 Escape

How 2 Escape is a game that simulates escapism, requiring the collaboration of two players in order to overcome asymmetrical challenges and utilize various tools. You’ll need to talk to each other and help one another in order to successfully navigate How 2 Escape. This is also an escape game that can be played using your phone instead of a dualsense controller. This point-and-click multiplayer is one of the most fun puzzle-based adventure games of all time, in order to finish a level, you and another player must manipulate objects in the environment while trying to escape the room. When it comes to the puzzle genre, How 2 Escape has redefined this immersive experience that takes two!

Titan Chaser

Titan Chaser is an otherworldly journey on wheels and by foot, where your task is to investigate colossal beings and employ illumination to repel them without engaging in battle or causing harm. This is one of the newer mystery games on the console, and will require you to direct the light at giant creatures to ward them away with the help of your car.Your mission is to uncover the mysteries behind these enormous creatures, known as Titans, that roam the land. Equipped with your vehicle, you move across vast landscapes, following the trail of these Titans. The journey may also require you to venture on foot, allowing you to get up close and personal with the awe-inspiring beings. Titans are sensitive to light and exhibit unique responses to different light sources. Your task is to study their behavior and figure out the appropriate type and intensity of light to repel or control them. Titan Chaser offers a visually stunning environment where lush landscapes, ancient ruins, and curious soundtrack await. With its focus on non-violent gameplay and exploration, Titan Chaser provides a unique and thought-provoking experience. It encourages players to engage with a beautiful and mysterious world, revealing its wonders and unraveling its enigmas through peaceful means. 

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is a puzzle game that will keep you entertained. It offers a unique combination of Tetris and Puyo Puyo gameplay, where you have to match 4 or more Puyos of the same color or complete lines of blocks to clear them from your board and send Garbage to your opponent’s game. However, don’t forget to pay attention to what’s coming your way too. You can choose to play either traditional Puyo Puyo or Tetris, or even mix them together to enhance your gameplay. It plays similarly to a mobile game, and whether you prefer playing offline or online, there are plenty of modes available that allow you to play in your preferred style, ranging from single-player Adventure to competitive Versus matches to ranked Online battles, and more. The new Skill Battle mode introduces character-based skills that can quickly change the course of a match, along with Item Cards that can strengthen your team. Enhance your strategy and empower your team in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2’s Skill Battle mode with this pack of rare Item Cards, which includes 3 special cards featuring items from the Sonic the Hedgehog series! 

We Were Here Forever

We Were Here Forever is a co-op escape room game for the ps5 where you and your friend are trapped in the realm of Castle Rock with no way out. You must rely on each other to solve puzzles that require observation, logic, and sometimes a touch of wits. The haunting atmosphere of Castle Rock adds to the tension and immersion, creating an intense gaming experience. As you delve deeper into the secrets of the castle, you’ll encounter supernatural elements and unexpected twists that will challenge your problem-solving skills. We Were Here Forever offers a unique co-op experience, encouraging players to rely on each other’s perspectives and insights to progress. Both players will face different puzzles and obstacles, requiring constant communication and coordination to conquer the game. With stunning graphics and atmospheric sound design, the PlayStation 5’s capabilities bring the haunting world of Castle Rock to life. The new-gen hardware ensures crisp visuals and immersive gameplay, enhancing the overall experience. We Were Here Forever offers an engaging and immersive adventure that will test your skills, friendship, and ability to escape the realm of Castle Rock.

Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo

Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo is an escape room game based on Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Vertigo. It follows  the storyline of Scottie Ferguson, a retired detective suffering from acrophobia. Players take on the role of Scottie’s trusted friend and try to unravel a mysterious plot that involves a woman who resembles a deceased acquaintance. The game is set in a meticulously recreated 1950s San Francisco, complete with iconic landmarks and locations from the movie. Players must navigate through various rooms, solving puzzles and uncovering clues to progress through the narrative. One of the key mechanics of the game is the use of Scottie’s fear of heights. Players will need to overcome vertigo-inducing challenges, such as climbing tall structures or maneuvering through narrow ledges. These sequences create tense and suspenseful moments that mirror the movie’s thrilling atmosphere. Throughout the game, players will encounter familiar characters from the movie, each with their own motives and secrets. Interacting with these characters and making choices will significantly impact the outcome of the game, allowing for multiple endings and replayability. Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo aims to recreate the gripping atmosphere and intricate narrative of the film while providing an interactive and immersive gaming experience. It pays homage to Hitchcock’s mastery of suspense and psychological thrillers, making it a must-play for fans of the movie and escape room enthusiasts alike.


If you or your friends are puzzle fans, hopefully you try out a few of our entries on the list of the best escape games available now on the PS5! If you’re looking for an even more immersive escape experience, check out our article on the Best VR escape rooms games on Oculus!