Top 28 Experiential Restaurants in San Francisco


Well, you just finished saving the world in an immersive experience at reason, and now it’s time to celebrate with some food! Forget everything you know about dinner because we have compiled the best experiential restaurants in the bay area. No gimmicks, just delicious and authentic experiences! From different experiences to price ranges, we offer you a wide variety of options you can choose from!

Show + Dinner

Experience dinner like no other! San Francisco is a melting pot of cultures, and we give you the best of what the city has to offer — delicious authentic food with an amazing show!


As guests enjoy their meals, they are treated to live performances by the talented Ladies of AsiaSF, who showcase their singing, dancing, and lip-syncing skills in stunning outfits and makeup. The performers also interact with diners, creating an engaging and fun atmosphere that sets AsiaSF apart from other dining establishments.

The Dinner Detective

A crime has been committed, and it’s up to you to find out who did it. Clues are hidden everywhere, and it could be anyone in the room, including you! The Dinner Detective is one of the most nail-biting dinner experiences filled with plot twists and shocking turnouts!

Carolina Lugo’s Flamenco

Carolina Lugo’s & Carolé Acuña brings two generations of sultry Spanish dancing with their critically acclaimed flamenco show! Expect a night full of good food and a high energy performance!

Wine Pairings

There’s no doubt, wine does make food taste better. In this blog, we enhance your dining experience with our favorite go-to places for wine pairings!

Mayo Winery

In 1993, Mayo Winery opened in Sonoma Valley. Producing more than twenty different types of wine every year. This small family-owned winery offers different adventure tastings with varietals like grenache and gewurztraminer!

B Cellar

For your next wine and food pairing experience, why not visit B Cellar in napa valley? Not only can you custom your pairings, but also be able to take photos at their beautiful culinary gardens, explore their wine caves, and see how they make their wine at their production facilities.

Round Pond

Round Pond gives you the full experience of a Sunday brunch — from their sensory garden to your table! Handpick the freshest vegetables, and bring it to the cooking demonstrations! Of course, brunch wouldn’t be complete without wine pairings led by their hand-picked sommeliers!


Science, cocktails, and food — if these are all the things you love, check out our guide to san Francisco’s scientific dining experiences!

Exploratorium After Dark

Every Thursday night, Exploratorium hosts a 21+ event, called the “After Dark”, where you are immersed in massive light displays, fog bridges and many more! They also feature different art installations and bring in guest speakers and musicians.

California Academy of Science

A rainforest dome and penguin exhibits already sound amazing, but California Academy of Science sure does know how to exceed expectations! Every Thursday night, experience ‘science’ differently at their adults-only event, “Nightlife”. Each week features different installations, where you and your friends can explore exhibits while drinking their specialty wines and munching on great hors d’oeuvre selections!

Tiny Food

Feeling a little bougie after your preventing the alien satellite from crashing into the earth? Don’t be afraid to treat-yo-self with these fancy “tiny food” experiences!

Lazy Bear

The Mission District is home to San Francisco’s most exclusive dining experience — Lazy Bear. each night, They serve new American dishes, to no more than 40 guests, seated at their long communal tables. For nearly $300 a ticket, diners experience the most interactive dinner the city has to offer. As you take a seat, you notice that there are no menus for this 14-course meal, but a booklet for culinary notes. Before meals, each diner introduces themselves to other dines; Each dish is presented, prepared and plated in front of guests!

Atelier Crenn

Atelier Crenn greets each diner with beautiful poetry written their very own chef and proprietor, Dominique Crenn. For $335, guests enjoy a multi-course tasting menu, at their luxurious restaurant with no more than eight tables. They serve modern French cuisine, and lines from the poem convey each experimental dish.

Oyster Farm

There’s a love-hate debate when it comes to oysters. But, if you and your friends are oyster lovers, here are our favorites when it comes to the best oyster experience in town!

Hog Island

Make reservations with Hog Island’s “shuck-your-own” picnic! Oyster lovers are provided with a grill, shucking tools, lemons, hot sauce, and hogwash. If you are new to shucking, don’t worry because they also offer lessons!

Tomales Bay

After completion of the transcontinental railway in 1869, oyster production boomed in popularity. Established in 1909, Tomales bay has been the go-to destination for oyster lovers! So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, and enjoy a weekend by the beach or park, with the freshest oysters in town.


in Japanese, omasake means “I will leave it up to you”. For this category, we leave our culinary journeys up to the hands of the chefs!

Omakase SF

San Francisco is known for its culinary diversity. In the SOMA district lies omasake, a 140 seat sushi restaurant where Executive Chef Jackson Yu and other sushi masters introduce Edomae, traditional Japanese cooking techniques. Plated on hand-selected pottery from the mountains of Japan, each dish is presented and complimented with premium sake.

Nagai SF

Absolutely spectacular! This is worth a special trip. One of my favorite omakase experiences to date. These are only a few comments from happy diners. Entrust your palettes to Chef Tomonori Nagai and his team, at Nagai. they only serve omasake-style dishes paired with hand-selected sake, which changes monthly.

Raclette Cheese

Known for its nutty and slightly aromatic flavor, Raclette Cheese is a Swiss melted cheese! Its name comes from French, meaning “to scrape”. Now, lots of people are going crazy over these gooey, melted cheese scraped over yummy meals!

Cowgirl Creamery

It all started between two friends, Sue Conley and Peggy Smith. Now, more than two decades later, Cowgirl Creamery has garnered many awards and can be found at over 500 stores nationwide! In 1998, they opened their first store in San Francisco.They are located at the infamous ferry building, where guests can stop by for cheese tastings and tours!

Mission Cheese

Mission Cheese believes in connecting communities and educating customers about their food. They work hand in hand with passionate cheesemakers that take great care of their land and animals, and create a long list of organic artisan cheeses! You and your friends can visit and join their events filled with cheese education and wine pairings!


Calling all carnivores, because this one is all about the meatiest, most experiential barbeque dinners.


In the 1700s, gauchos roamed around southern Brazil. They developed churrasco-style open-fire meat roasting. Now, you can go to a modern churrascaria at espetus! Enjoy all-you-can-experience dining — gauchos parade around the restaurant as they present the barbeques which are carved tableside!

K Elements

K Elements is an all-you-can-eat Korean barbeque! Choose from their thin-sliced, well-marinated top-quality beef, pork or chicken. And now that you’re ready, get to grilling using their tabletop grills, and eat lots of food!


Experience modern Argentina with Californian ingredients with Lolinda! Located in the mission district, it first opened its doors in 2012. Their tender and juicy meats are cooked over wood-fired asador grills and served in wooden planks. Don’t forget to try their crunchy churros, and dip them with dark chocolate or Dulce de Leche!


Gather around the table, and let your broth simmer! We’ll show you the best hot pot experiences in San Francisco.

Sea Pot

Sea Pot has been serving traditional all-you-can-eat hot pot at an affordable price, since 2017. With their six different soup broths, you and your group can cook with their freshest meat, vegetables, and seafood.

Fiery Hot Pot

Truly a hidden gem, you can create your own hot pot experience with homemade broths, meats, and other buffet options at Fiery Pot. You can enhance your 90-minute all-you-can-eat experience with their all-you-can-drink beer or sake!


It’s par-“tea” time! Here are a few experiential tea places we think you should give a “chai”.

Japanese Tea Garden

Originally a “Japanese Village” exhibit in 1894, the Japanese Tea Garden is now one of San Francisco’s most visited tourist attractions. Visit the en garden filled with beautiful native Japanese plants and koi ponds, and enjoy a cup of meditative teas!

Kung Ku Tea

We’ve all heard of “salt bae”, but have you heard of “tea bae”? at Z & Y Restaurant, Xumin Liu has been performing Gong Fu Cha, an art that mixing Kung Fu and tea serving. With great precision, he entertains diners are he spins the kettle and pours it the steaming hot tea in their cups.

Stonemill SF

Serving only the finest matcha of Kyota, Japan, Stonemill showcases the art of preparing the tea. In the middle of the cafe, tea lovers can watch their drinks meticulously whisked and pour into cups. they can also enjoy meals like, salmon matchazuke drizzled with matcha.


“Touch the heart”, that the literal translation of dim sum. With every bite, touch not only your heart but also your bellies, with these delicious experiential dim sums.

Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung made lots of buzz when Tom Cruise went there to learn how to make dumplings with its owner. Created in 1972, guests can now watch their dumplings being prepared, and get a “Taste of Taiwan”. But it is more than just dumplings, you can also try their spicy wontons, pork buns and handmade noodles!

Hong Kong East Ocean

Want authentic Cantonese dim sum with a great view of the bay? Head to Hong Kong East Ocean for your traditional hong-kong style lunch or dinner! That’s not all! With their massive live aquarium filled with fish and shellfish, you can have the freshest seafood dish!


With their modern take on traditional dim sums, guests of Hakkasan enjoy their food meticulously paired with curated songs that elevate their culinary journey!
Have a memorable dining experience filled with innovative cocktails and wine philosophy.


So what are you waiting for? Share these experiential dining experiences with your friends and family, and continue the fun with us here at reason, and save the world in an immersive escape room experience!