Expanding Human Creativity with AI

Presenting our upcoming Future Tech Immersive: Art + AI meetup on January 17th, 2023 at Buzzworks @ 365 11th St, San Francisco. Join us for interactive demos, discussions, and network with like-minded professionals who are passionate about the future. Sign up today as we have a limited number of tickets.

We are expecting 100 attendees across different industries and backgrounds. Our global community of 26,000 members includes folks from companies and startups such as Adobe, Amazon, Atlassian, Autodesk, Coinbase, Dropbox, Figma, Flexport, Google, Instacart, Intel, Nvidia, Notion, Salesforce, Slack, SpaceX, Tesla, Twitch, Twitter, Roblox, VMware and many more.


Explore new technologies, uncover emerging trends, and unlock new relationships.

This event features interactive showcases and dynamic conversations that help you walk away with new insights to take your work to the next level. During this networking segment, not only will you connect with passionate tech leaders from other companies, you will be able to build relationships and explore cross-industry opportunities in a casual and fun setting.

Future Tech Immersive brings together the most influential and inspiring speakers in Silicon Valley. Come experience the future and beyond.


6:00 PM Arrival

6:30 PM Welcome & Intro

6:40 PM Showcase & Panel

8:00 PM Networking

9:00 PM Fin


The meetup will feature digital & physical pieces by AI artist & pioneer, Daniel Ambrosi, whose solo art exhibition “Landscapes & Dreamscapes” is happening now and has been extended until March 28 at the Ocean Blue Vault in Half Moon Bay, CA due to popular demand. More info is below and highly recommended.


Tech professionals in engineering, product, design, sales, marketing, data science, entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, makers, and anyone else with a passion for future tech. Be ready to introduce yourself and make awesome connections with people across all industries. Feel free to bring your LinkedIn Qr code.


Heather Schoell (NVIDIA – Curator x AI Art Gallery)

Heather Schoell (she/her) is a Senior art director of corporate brand and event design at NVIDIA, as well as the curator of the NVIDIA AI Art Gallery. The daughter of a biochemist and mathematician, Heather balances her passion for both art and science by using her art degree from Yale University to work as a creative in tech companies. She came to NVIDIA after 13+ years and had many different roles on creative teams at Apple.

Daniel Ambrosi (Dreamscapes.ai – AI Artist)

Daniel Ambrosi is one of the founding creators of the emerging AI art movement and is noted for the nuanced balance he achieves in human-AI hybrid art. He is a groundbreaking visionary artist straddling the worlds of fine art, science, and nature. At once these singular works are both hyperrealism and surrealism. Ambrosi wields a supercomputer as his brush, conjuring images of remarkable beauty and clarity. He has harnessed state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and applied it to nature, producing these amazing ‘Dreamscapes’ that are visually stunning, gorgeously composed, and which reveal magic and mystery that is exhilarating.

Han Vanholder (Google – Director of Product Management, Compute)

Han is a leading expert in the field of artificial intelligence, with a passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible with this rapidly-evolving technology. Born and raised in Belgium, Han completed his studies in Computer Science at KU Leuven before beginning his career at Philips Semiconductors. In 2010, he moved to Silicon Valley to join NVIDIA, where he quickly established himself as one of the leading minds in the AI industry. He later became a product manager at NVIDIA, overseeing the development and launch of several successful AI products. Han is currently a director of Product at Google, where he continues to drive the advancement of AI technology. Han's unique approach to problem-solving and his dedication to his work have allowed him to thrive in the highly-competitive world of technology. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with his friends and family.

Hilmar Koch (Autodesk Research, Media and Entertainment Industry Futures)

Hilmar Koch leads the research for the Future of Media and Entertainment at Autodesk Research. With partners, Research is exploring speculative scenarios and proofs of concept that might shape the Media and Entertainment industry.

Prior to Autodesk, Hilmar spent most of his career as creative technologist at Blue Sky Studios, Industrial Light and Magic and Lucasfilm. He has  led innovative technical and creative teams and collaborated with partners to redefine the storytelling experience as director of the Advanced Development Group. He has held roles as Director of Virtual Production, Head of Computer Graphics, and Digital Effects Supervisor. Hilmar’s filmography includes “Avatar,” “Star Trek”, “Transformers”, “Star Wars III”, “Star Wars VII” and “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”.

He was one of a team of 3 developing Academy Award-winning ambient occlusion technology used on “Pearl Harbor” in 2000. Early in his career at Blue Sky Studios he collaborated on the Academy Award-winning short “Bunny,” in addition to several other films and commercials. Hilmar studied at Columbia College Chicago and Technical University in Munich, where he earned undergraduate degrees in Arts and Mathematics, respectively.

Karl D.D. Willis (Autodesk Research – Sr. Manager, AI)

Karl leads research projects in collaboration with industry and academia to solve difficult problems related to design, machine learning, and advanced manufacturing. 
Most recently Karl focused on applying deep learning to solid models, the pervasive CAD format used to design almost all manufactured objects. Together with collaborators from MIT, Brown University, and UCL we published numerous papers on this topic at CVPR, ICML, and SIGGRAPH. His team's goal is to enhance future CAD tools with predictive capabilities that free designers from mundane tasks and support creative exploration.

Previously, Karl's team collaborated with NASA JPL to design and manufacture an interplanetary lander to aid in the search for life beyond earth. Numerous media outlets covered the story, including Fast Company, which called our lander design 'the most complex generative design ever made'.


Mike is a facilitator and maker at REASON, a Future Tech Foundry & Escape Room in San Francisco with a mission to humanize our relationship with technology and each other. Mike works with the most innovative companies in the world to drive entrepreneurship, foster teamwork, and accelerate cultural transformation via immersive experiences at the intersection of art + human + technology.


SF’s Premier Craft Spirits Beercade w/40 taps, 200+ Bottles/Cans & FULL BAR, 30 screens of sports on 2 levels! PLUS – 10 Pinball games, 2 Pool tables, & Foosball. BuzzWorks opened its doors on July 18th, 2016 after 2+ years of development. The brainchild of SF infamous entertainment pioneer Vlad Cood, this venue is a completely ORIGINAL build-out and conversion from and old Industrial factory to a brand new public assembly establishment… the first of such in the SOMA since the 1984 cabaret moratorium was enacted, with the very first original entertainment & liquor license in 34 years in SOMA!


Buzzworks has kindly offered us their space for this event. Please support them by ordering a beverage.

***As alcoholic drinks are served at this venue, all attendees must be 21+.***


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