An Escape Room Blog? Are You Sure About That?


Hello! It’s been almost a year and a half since Reason first opened the public, and it’s about time we started a blog. Why a blog? Well, we come across very interesting teams from different backgrounds at our future tech escape rooms every day, and we are also a small business learning new things regularly. We think a blog is to a good way to think about what we’ve learned and share it with others.

Which brings us to: what is all this, then? Is this a blog about escape rooms?


In this blog, we will share short insights on cool new tech, things that inspire us, team building tidbits that we think will be valuable, and anything else related to Reason. The combination of these ideas and topics brings us to the Tesseract.

So in other words, this is not a blog strictly focussed on escape rooms and escape games. The topics covered here will be much broader. Sometimes we will talk about escape rooms. Sometimes we will talk about Pickle Rick. There are so many other exciting topics to cover! Wubba lubba dub dub.

For example, some ideas for future posts are: new technologies that are on the cusp of being released to the general public that we think would be change an aspect of daily life. Guest posts from high-performing teams that have come through Reason that talk about what they do at work that encourages effective team work, and how they recruit, develop, and retain talent to build out their teams. Other fun potential topics include cool gift ideas for the techy friend, and games/movies that we think are worth playing or watching. If that doesn’t seem engaging enough, maybe a review of the entire Star Wars universe after watching all of the movies back to back would suit the most discerning reader. However, in which order to watch the movies might be a blog post all on its own.


Our core business is corporate events, and our interests are future tech and sci-fi. In addition, we do corporate team building events at our future tech escape rooms in San Francisco. Everyday we come across interesting team and learn new things. It is our intention to share our thoughts and learnings with you in this blog.

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