Icebreaker games: how to play conference call bingo

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your virtual conference calls, look no further than icebreaker bingo. This game is a great way to get everyone engaged and energized during what can sometimes be a tedious and boring experience.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Bingo? That’s for grandmas and kids.” But trust me, icebreaker bingo is not your average game of bingo. This game is designed specifically for conference calls, and it’s guaranteed to make things more interesting.

So, how do you play icebreaker bingo? It’s simple. Before your conference call, create a bingo card with different scenarios that are likely to happen during the call. For example, you could include “Someone’s cat interrupts the call” or “Someone forgets to mute themselves.”

As the call progresses, mark off the scenarios that happen on your bingo card. The first person to get five in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) wins! It’s a fun and easy way to keep everyone engaged and entertained during the call.

But why should you bother playing icebreaker bingo? Well, for one thing, it helps break the ice and gets people talking and it’s also an economical way to bond if your team-building budget got cut this quarter.

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It might seem counter-intuitive. However, Icebreaker bingo actually helps keep people engaged and focused on the call. It’s easy to get distracted during a conference call, especially if you’re working from home and have other distractions around you. But when you’re playing icebreaker bingo, you’re actively looking for things to happen on the call, which helps keep you focused and engaged.

More importantly, icebreaker bingo is just plain fun. Let’s face it, conference calls can be boring. But when you’re playing a game with your colleagues, it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting. You’ll find yourself looking forward to your next conference call, just so you can play another round of icebreaker bingo.

Tips for creating icebreaker bingo cards:

  1. Think about the most common scenarios that happen during conference calls. For example, you might include “Someone forgets to mute themselves” or “Someone’s dog barks in the background.”
  2. Be creative! The more fun and quirky your scenarios are, the more engaged everyone will be. For example, you could include “Someone accidentally shares their screen with a funny meme” or “Someone’s partner walks in wearing a silly hat.”
  3. Make sure everyone has their own unique bingo card. You don’t want everyone marking off the same scenarios at the same time. Try a free bingo card generator.
  4. Have a prize for the winner! It could be something small and silly, like a virtual high five or a funny meme, or something more substantial, like a gift card or a shoutout on the company’s social media pages.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Icebreaker bingo is supposed to be a lighthearted and enjoyable experience, so don’t take it too seriously. Laugh, make jokes, and enjoy the game with your colleagues.

Here are 50 funny bingo card ideas to get your started:

  1. Forgot to unmute
  2. Dog barking in the background
  3. Video freezes
  4. Someone forgets to turn their camera on
  5. Wearing pajama pants
  6. Interrupted by family member
  7. Can’t find the mute button
  8. Internet connection drops
  9. Background is a beach or tropical paradise
  10. Drinking coffee during the call
  11. Has to leave early for another meeting
  12. Virtual background is a funny meme
  13. Someone eating during the call
  14. Kid or pet makes a cameo appearance
  15. Wearing a funny hat
  16. Forgets what day it is
  17. Uses the wrong chat feature
  18. Someone forgets to share their screen
  19. Background is a famous landmark
  20. Forgets to put on pants
  21. Accidentally shares their screen with the wrong document
  22. Uses an emoji in their chat message
  23. Background is a galaxy or space theme
  24. Someone has a messy room in the background
  25. Uses a filter during the call
  26. Someone is multitasking during the call
  27. Uses a funny Zoom background with their face superimposed
  28. Forgets to RSVP to the meeting
  29. Someone is drinking wine during the call
  30. Background is a famous painting or artwork
  31. Uses a virtual hat or mustache filter
  32. Has to use their phone for the call
  33. Forgets their Zoom password
  34. Uses a virtual background of their dream vacation
  35. Someone is wearing a superhero costume
  36. Interrupted by a delivery person
  37. Forgets to mute during a sneeze or cough
  38. Someone’s phone rings during the call
  39. Uses a virtual background of a famous movie scene
  40. Someone’s computer crashes during the call
  41. Forgets to turn off notifications on their computer
  42. Wears a virtual mask filter
  43. Background is a sports stadium or arena
  44. Someone uses a fake name in the call
  45. Someone’s cat walks across their keyboard
  46. Uses a virtual background of a famous TV show set
  47. Someone’s partner or spouse accidentally walks into the room
  48. Background is a famous amusement park ride
  49. Someone’s Zoom screen gets hacked by their kids
  50. Uses a virtual background of a space shuttle launching


If you’re tired of boring conference calls and want to inject some fun and energy into your virtual meetings, give icebreaker bingo a try. It’s a simple and effective way to break the ice, keep everyone engaged, and have some fun. And who knows, you might even find yourself looking forward to your next conference call!