5 Team Building Lessons from HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’

HBO’s Chernobyl is an amazing show. Despite knowing how it ends, watching the way events unfold was captivating and moving. The show artfully depicts human tendencies that create failures and triumphs. In this post, we will look at a few team building takeaways that can help your team avert the next reactor meltdown!

1. Listen to your team

After the reactor explosion, Dyatlov was so confident in the RBMK reactor that he dismissed what his entire team was trying to tell him that the core was on ?

2. Dare to speak up

Valery Legasov knew something was wrong when he saw the report. He tried to speak up but of course no one believed him.. until much later.

3. Don’t cover up mistakes

This OG party leader tried to cover up and ordered blackouts with no-evacuation. SMH ?‍♂️ He should be more like our fearless leader Elon Musk! Fail fast and bite the bullet.

For example, earlier last year, Elon boasted Model 3 production line was fully automated. Later in the year he conceded his claim and replaced a bunch of robots from the line with humans when he realized the system was too complex.

4. Make it your problem

After discovering the problem from neighboring Belarus, intrepid Ulana Khomyuk quick mobilized and became part of the solution.

5. Real courage is taking one for the team

Toptunov and Akimov sacrificing themselves trying to open the pipes to cool the core. One of many instances where divers, miners, pilots, scientists etc put themselves into lethal conditions for the greater good.

So there you have it. Five team building lessons from Chernobyl to help strengthen your teamwork. All good? Check out Reactor Escape and see if your team has what it takes to survive a sci-fi reactor meltdown in the heart of San Francisco. Don’t worry about radiation, the dosimeter reads only 3.5 Rontgent/h ?