Modern Essential Survival Check List


Wondering what to do in case of an emergency, or don’t really know where to start? Well don’t panic just yet because here is a list to help you in general surviving preparement and some of the most essential things you will need in order to complete your kit for any type of disaster. 

And toilet paper isn’t on the list. Just like Cal Fire says, “you should always keep a sturdy pair of shoes and a flashlight near your bed and handy in case of a sudden evacuation at night”.

To assemble a kit with essential stuff you will need for any type of disaster is the best way to get prepared, if you are still feeling unsure about your kit, try testing your knowledge with the Emergency Supplies Kit Quiz presented by the Red Cross on their official website. 


  • Make sure you pack layers, thermos, extra outer layers when you need to get dirty, water barriers, extra socks. Having different layers available to you allows you to adapt to any weather condition.
  • Sleeping bags are important, especially in cold weather. But even in the summertime, having something to sleep on is definitely a plus.
  • If you want to get fancy, Heat Blanket and an Oil Heater as well as some heating packs are pretty nice to haves


  • although we are not planning a camping trip but if you are gonna be making food outside of the kitchen might as well starting thinking about your camp stoves, utensils, and containers
  • make sure you have your basic survival tools. Knives (Swiss army, Letherman or whatever you got), compass, fire starters, axes, saws, shovel.
  • if you have a vehicle make sure you have tools in case something break


We won’t get too much into the food section, but here are some ideas to get you started. Make sure to check for expiry dates and refresh them regularily. Whatever you prepare make sure you have what you need to cook them.

  • MRE’s
  • Canned foods
  • Rice, Beans, dried foods
  • Jerkeys


  • Stack containers to store water and get enough water bottles. The recommended amount of water per person is a gallon and should drink half a gallon in emergency situations.
  • it is also highly recommended to have a portable filtration system, in case you have to move during an emergency. 

First Aid Kit

  • There are a million first aid kits you can buy from Amazon. Go big or go compact, either way, just make sure you have one.
  • PPE
  • iodine tablets

Power & Fuel

  • Prepare with enough gas and extra for your car.
  • You will also probably need propane or charcoal for cooking
  • Batteries to charge phones and computers and flashlights are definitely a must. 
  • Solar generators are a good option for personal electronics
  • It is also nice to have a gas generator as a backup if you have more demanding appliances


  • In an emergency it is most likely there will be no communication or internet and a simple radio will be the easiest thing to receive information.
  • Satellite messengers are inexpensive communication tool in areas with no cell coverage or if cell towers go down


Now you can get yourself prepared with this essential survival information, and join Lola in Space° on her mission to escape the supply module while Mission Control in Houston is down,  let the fears and panic behind and start your kit and mission with confidence knowing that you and your team got this!