Unique Ways to Workout in San Francisco

Let’s face it, working out can be tedious and boring. Most people skip because of the same old tired routine that they have been doing forever! Are you looking for ways to level up your fitness after challenging your mental dexterity at a future tech escape game? Well, read up because we have a list of unique workouts to get you back in shape! 

Yoga Cats 

What’s the purr-fect idea to get moving and sweating? Cat Yoga! Kit Tea is for cats and cat-lovers. So if that’s you, sign up for their yoga classes with about twenty rescue zen sanctuary cats. Unwind as you practice a gentle flow of restorative yoga. Don’t forget to come early, and enjoy their bottomless Kyotan tea! 

VR Fitness 

For many people, the biggest struggle is finding the motivation to go to the gym. What about immersing yourself in a virtual world, having a full-body workout, and increase strength and endurance? Created by fitness fanatics who made bodybuilding.com an empire, the Black Box VR redefines the world of working out. Change up your fitness routine, and step into the high-tech world! Be a hero, unlock new characters, level up, and have a healthy addiction, not just to playing video games, but also to working out.

Pole Dancing 

Hot and steamy — Gain confidence and feel empowered by learning the art of pole dancing. San Francisco Pole and Dance. Of course, you are not taking just another class, with their amazing team, you will be part of their community. Celebrate body positivity, and embrace the pure joy of dancing with others. All levels are welcome, and they offer different sets of classes, from boot camps to Russian exotic. 


Originating from Brazil, and developed by enslaved Africans, Capoeira is a mix of elegant movements and graceful martial art. Join Capoeira Center and commit to a lifestyle, instead of just another boring fitness regimen. It is more than just getting in shape; It is also a great chance for you to learn about self-defense. 


Feel like a ballerina with Pure Barre. Barre is a new trending workout inspired by ballet. They also incorporate practices of yoga, pilates, and other dances. They offer many classes, from sculpting to vinyasa, which focus on strengthening your core and toning your quads and glutes. Expect an intense full-body workout, and challenge your balance, stamina, and core control. 


Feeling stuck and don’t feel like going to the gym? Even the most dedicated people get bored of the same fitness routine. You don’t have to keep doing the same workouts over and over again! Try these fun and unique alternatives to beat that boredom and boost your motivation!