Top 8 Dancers for Hire in San Francisco


So you’ve got an exciting escape room adventure coming up at Reason and you want to plan an amazing after party celebration with you and your team.  Create the most unforgettable event with our favorite dancers and get everyone grooving on their feet! 


Be mesmerized with Nicole Wong, founder of Cherry Hoops, as she wows the crowd with hoop dancing! She is an award-winning dancer that specializes in single, poi-style and multi-hooping. Not only is she a performer but also a teacher and a scholar as well. She has been teaching all over the Bay Area since 2008, and shares her passion for dancing to thousands of students all from different levels of dance experiences!


Experience the music and dances from Hawaii, Tahiti, and much more with Manuia Polynesian Revue. They are a family-oriented Polynesian dance group that has been entertaining with live luaus for more than 20 years! Live performers could include 2 to 60 performers – from dancers to instrumentalists. And of course, who wouldn’t want to be welcomed with fresh leis and start with a conch blowing ceremony?


Awarded “Best of the Bay” three times, Temple of Poi is a community of fire dancers, as well as spinners and twirlers from San Francisco. With every performance, they add a touch of flowology – the study of flow. Ignite your team’s event with their dancing and storytelling using spinning fireballs. 


Captivate your team with the art of belly dancing! Andrea Raqs Sharqi performs a one-of-a-kind lively dancing experience — from shorl and sweet that includes a 15-minute grandiose opening to dancing and drumming called Bhangra belly fusion with live Dholi.


Founded in 1980, Chhandam School of Katham offers beyond entertainment! Have a taste of Kathak, an Indian classical dance. Pandit Chitresh Das, a true master of the art, created a community of Kathakar, or “the one who tells a story”, and spreads the knowledge of the dance with each performance. 


Amor do Samba brings you the energy and glamour of Brazil through dance! Known to be the only Samba company to have two authentic Rio de Janeiro Muso do Samba, make your event more exciting with dancers from Brazil, Colombia and much more! Don’t forget to have the full Samba experience with drummers and capoeiristas.

Indian and West African Dance and Drum 

Duniya Dance & Drum Company, created by Joti Singh, is home to music and dances from Guinea, West Africa and Punjab, India. Duniya meaning “world” showcases a multitude of artful dances that tells a story about globalization, colonization and immigration. The dance company also advocates of social awareness and justice!


Enjoy a living art through Flamenco dancing with Caminos Flamencos! They are San Francisco’s non-profit organization that spreads Flamenco dance and music all throughout the community! They perform with intensity and connects to the audience from their diverse influences of Spanish dancing. 


So, what are you waiting for? Turn on the music and get your guest moving at your next special event with these amazing dancers!