Top 7 Digital Marketing Apps To Grow Your Side Hustle

What’s more fun than conquering a high-tech virtual escape room with friends? Marketing your side hustle of course! Whether you are doing dropshipping or using a micro fulfillment solution, digital marketing has become paramount in current times, and with strategies like content creation, emailing, and keyword optimization, the fun is limitless! There is a wind range of tools available for your digital marketing adventure. To grow your business, try out these seven digital marketing apps! 


Canva is a powerful design tool that helps with content creation. This drag-and-drop app offers a plethora of templates for your project whether that be designing a presentation, a cover for an ebook, or simply an Instagram post. If none of the templates fit your needs, there’s an option to create a custom project. It hosts many different types of fonts and allows you to fine-tune your elements. It also has a feature to enable collaboration for groups!  

Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to determine what’s hot and what’s not! It shows the popularity of search terms and whether a trend is on the rise or decline. You can check for patterns in the trends and even see how well you perform in terms of the number of searches against your competitors. This tool can help you prepare for different seasons or find a high-performing niche. It’s sure to keep your keywords and content fresh! 


For marketers who like to plan, this app is sure to be your best friend. Planoly allows you to visually manage your social media feed would look before you post something. You can create a calendar to schedule posts on Instagram and other platforms to go live and can even turn on auto-post. With its account integration, you can link your Facebook and Instagram, choose a time and date for your posts to be publicized, then let the app do its magic! There’s also an embedded analytics section to view social media analytics so you can determine key information like when the best time to post is. 


Hi hwo are ypu? That’s not right一let’s try that again. Hi, how are you? Grammarly helped me fix that. Grammarly uses artificial intelligence to analyze sentences and suggests improvements. However, it’s more than just your classic proofreader. Aside from detecting typos and correcting verb tenses, it can suggest a more fitting synonym or sentence structure and give reasons for the fixes. Grammarly will help you create higher-quality pieces to ensure your words capture your audience’s attention. 


If you need a way to create and manage your mailing lists or newspapers, then Mail Chimp is the service for you! You can make custom email templates and reach hundreds or thousands of recipients instantaneously. It lets you test any links before you send your campaign and track click and opening rates. It’s a great way to re-engage subscribers who might’ve just signed up for your gated content, and if you want to go hands-free, you can even fully automate your campaigns! 


Bitly is your one-stop shop for anything link-related! It can truncate your webpage links for a cleaner look and help you track your marketing campaigns and other modes of traffic. You can see what gets the most clicks and can customize the backend of your links to make them more readable, memorable, and concise. By creating homogeneity among your links, Bitly helps build trust with your customers and distinguish your business from competitors. When you Bitly your links, you get access to any click-related information such as the number of people that clicked the link, the time and date of the click, and where the traffic to the click originated from to help you double down on what’s working best. If you need additional help, check out these digital marketing agencies in Pittsburgh and compare agency reviews for them or use a marketing automation platform that creates reports such as a dashthis competitor.

SEO Site Check Up

SEO Site Check Up offers a set of SEO tools which have features similar to Ahrefs or Backlinko’s keyword tool, to help analyze and optimize search rankings. It helps you improve your online presence by detecting any issues or technical shortcomings that may harm your performance and automating SEO reporting. With its algorithms, you can also take on the perspective of a search engine and see how it may interpret your site. SEO Site Check Up keeps up with the latest SEO trends, such as the use of article writing software, to ensure that you stay at the top of your game and can compete in the ever-changing digital marketing world with companies using SEO agency services or backlink building services!