How to Set Up an Escape Room at Your Next Conference

You likely already know that holding a conference is not traditionally synonymous with fun. When anyone hears the word conference, they likely aren’t jumping for joy. A conference these days doesn’t have to be a drab event where you discuss one topic that bores your employees to tears. 

A ton of research has gone into how to transform the workplace by creating more engaging activities and participating in team builders. Studies have shown that when you create an element of fun, your employees will respond better, retain more of the important information, and are overall happier.

An escape room is a perfect blend of fun mixed in with learning essential communication skills, problem-solving as a team, and working through complex challenges that can greatly benefit the workplace environment. There are many ways for you to set up your employees to take on an escape room, especially with the advancement of technology. Here are a few ways to help you set up an escape room at your next conference to add a little entertainment. 

Set up a Moonshot mission for your attendees

If your event is hybrid, in-person, or completely virtual, you can host an escape room event through Try Reason’s Moonshot and transform the conference room into real-life mission control. Your attendees will have the opportunity to help an astronaut escape the lunar station by working to solve complex puzzles with remote control props on the station, exploring with an AI assistant, and even engaging with a live host while your team works through the challenge from anywhere in the world. 

Build Your Own Escape Room

Setting up your own escape room can turn a boring conference into an event that brings your team together where they can bond over the shared experience of solving puzzles. A DIY escape room can use what you have on hand and help you to integrate relevant learning for your business that creates a blended learning approach mixed with a fun team-building exercise. If you struggle to come up with puzzles, don’t fret. There are a lot of resources and premade kits for you to help you set up your escape room, or check out this 30 DIY Escape Room Puzzles for Your Next Conference to help guide you. 

Schedule an Order for a Mobile Escape Room

Don’t want to set up your own escape room in the office or head off location? Schedule an escape room to come to you. The great thing is the mobile escape rooms or escape rooms on wheels can head to whatever location works best for your conference. They are either already set up or have a team to do all the hard work for you, so you and your attendees have to participate and have fun. 

Hosting an escape room can help create a more compelling experience that can help bring your attendees together while delivering important information essential to your business’s growth. It’s been said that a successful business relies on the happiness of the teams that help shape it, so make sure to bring the fun to your next conference.