Five great (and funny!) comedy improv games for better office or virtual collaboration

Improvisational games can be an excellent tool for fostering collaboration and teamwork within a group. These games are not only excellent icebreakers, but they’ll be a great tool to overcome social anxiety, give the tools for telling stories in a spontaneous way, listen to others, and work together towards a common goal. Some of the great improv games for better collaboration include “Mind Meld” where players guess each others’ thoughts, “Questions Only”, where each comedian contributes to a story one question at a time, and “Sound Ball”, where a “ball” of sound is passed around the group, with each person adding a new sound. These games not only promote better communication and teamwork but also provide a great opportunity for laughter and bonding within the group.

Use improv games for beginners

Using improv games are a great way for beginners to start developing their skills in the world of improvisational comedy. These games provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to step out of their comfort zones, improve communication skills, and embrace the spontaneity of improv. By practicing these games regularly, beginners can start to channel their comedic timing and sharpening their improvisational skills, setting a solid foundation for their journey into the world of improv comedy. 

Questions Only (Overcome hesitancy) 

Questions Only is best for large groups where players only communicate by asking questions. This unique format requires quick thinking and creativity, as players must respond with another question rather than a statement. The game encourages active listening, as players need to pay close attention to their counterparts in order to keep the conversation flowing. It also challenges individuals to think on their feet and come up with questions that drive the dialogue forward. Questions Only is not only entertaining and engaging for the improvisers, but also for the audience, as they often find themselves caught up in the rapid-fire exchange of questions. The game can be a fun and insightful way to explore different perspectives and push the boundaries of traditional communication. By restricting the use of statements and promoting the use of questions, the game can lead to unexpected conversations and surprising insights. Overall, Questions Only is a dynamic and enjoyable game that can spark new ideas and thought-provoking interactions. 

Mind Meld (Perfect for virtual workshop events)

Mind Meld is a fun and engaging game that challenges players to synchronize their thoughts and come up with a single word. The game begins with a countdown from 3 before both players simultaneously say the word they have chosen. The goal is for both players to agree on a single word that they believe best represents a given category or prompt. If the players manage to say on the same word, they win the round. The game can be played with two players or with larger groups, adding an element of teamwork and communication. Mind Meld is an excellent improv exercise that will help groups warm-up for a scene together. It’s an exciting game that encourages players to tap into their intuition and mental agility in order to achieve success. 

Sound Ball (Noise-only storytelling)

Sound Ball is an interactive game played with multiple players, where each player has their own unique sound. The game starts with one player at a time throwing an imaginary sound ball to another player, making their sound before the throw. The next player receiving the ball then has to generate the previous player’s sound, then their sound, before throwing it to another player. This continues on, creating a fun and engaging experience for all participants. As an extra challenge, multiple sound balls can be introduced into the game, requiring players to keep track of multiple sounds and their corresponding throws. This game is not only a great way to get people moving and engaged, but also a fantastic way to promote active listening and quick response skills. Whether played indoors or outdoors, Sound Ball is a great activity for team building and encouraging communication among players.

Terrible T-Shirt (Excellent for team building activities)

The game “Terrible T-Shirt” is a hilarious icebreaker that never fails to bring a lot of creativity to a group. All players stand in a circle, and as the game begins, they chant “Terrible t-shirt, terrible t-shirt” in unison. One player then describes a terrible t-shirt design, whether it’s a combination of clashing colors, absurd graphics, or just plain ridiculousness. After the description, all players chant “Terrible t-shirt, terrible t-shirt” again before the next player in the circle takes their turn to describe another terrible t-shirt design. The game continues in this fashion, resulting in funny ideas, and quick thinking as each player tries to outdo the last with an even more ridiculous t-shirt design. It’s a fantastic way to get everyone engaged and energized, and it never fails to spark some truly creative and outrageous ideas surely resulting in a big laugh.

New Choice (Quick thinking comedy)

New Choice is best for two to four players per round, along with a Scene Director. Each player begins a scene with a suggestion, and from that suggestion, the team members act out a scene. At any moment, the Scene Director can shake things up by saying “New choice.” When this happens, the players in the scene have to modify their previous line for a new choice in statement. This spontaneous change of direction in the scene can reward player with the funniest and most creative scenarios, as the players have to adapt on the spot. For an even funnier outcome, the Scene Director might say “New choice” after each new choice improvised. This game not only encourages quick thinking and creativity, but also leads to lots of laughter and enjoyment for all involved.