Excellent First Date Ideas in San Francisco

The pressure of coming up with a fun and romantic date idea for Valentine’s Day could be a lot — especially for new lovers! You don’t want to spend a too much and are not quite ready to take on a big challenge yet like the Sonar Escape. You want something casual but also a bit extra special. We have put together the best date ideas for new couples in the Bay Area that will surely melt your heart! 

Lover’s Lane Trail 

You don’t have to spend lots of money on Valentine’s Day to show your love! Free definitely does not mean boring with this one.  Be with nature, and go for a lovely hike at Lover’s Lane Trail with your new boo. Established in the 18th century, this enchanting trail has been used by the Spanish soldiers and missionaries as a shortcut path. Don’t miss out on Andy Goldsworth’s art walk, Wood Line, and surround yourself with beautiful tall trees! 

West Wind Movie Drive-In 

Drive over to West Wind Movie Drive-In, and have a one of a kind movie experience! Created in 1933, it is still one of the most unique and romantic date ideas. Get cozy under the stars, and watch a double feature on their gigantic screens. You can even bring your own picnic basket filled with your favorite movie bites, or get candies and popcorn at their snack bar. 

The Pawn Shop 

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, than with food and drinks? Find a golden phone in the heart of the Mission District, and talk to the pawn master. Considered one of San Francisco’s most immersive culinary experiences, end up at a hidden tapas bar, The Pawn Shop, and have a night to remember! 

Held Over 

If you are looking for more than just a dinner-and-movie date, why not get snazzy outfits? Go on a thrift store date, and head over to Held Over. Check out their vintage clothing from the 1940s all the way to the 1990s. Browse through all their eccentric selections, and pick out each other’s Valentine’s Day OOTD. 

Blazing Saddles 

Hop on the bikes, and cruise with Blazing Saddles. Go across the Golden Gate Bridge for a romantic cruise all over San Francisco, and pedal through the beautiful views and landmarks. This scenic ride will lead you to Sausalito or Tiburon, where you can visit small shops and restaurants! 

Golf Land 

With a little competition, have a great time with this cute and classic date! Putt your way into your lover’s heart at Golfland’s Emerald Hills, filled with many exciting challenges. Win more prices at their arcade games, and reward yourself after a fun mini-golf adventure with their thick milkshakes! 

Rock Climbing 

Get your heart rates up, all while having fun with this active date idea! San Francisco’s oldest climbing gym, TouchStone Climbing, brings together the perfect combination of new and old!  Rock climb to the top, and have the healthiest date night ever! 


If those choices still aren’t good enough, Airbnb for sure has something that you are looking for. From Alcatraz to Yosemite, they have unique hosts for your next getaway! Customize your perfect experience and discover the bay —  from day tours, shopping, dining, and so much more! Forget your typical chocolate and flowers kind of Valentine’s Day celebration, and have the most experiential date one-of-a-kind activities! They have everything, from hands-on workshops to exhilarating new adventures.


Valentine’s Day is a very special day. Take off the pressure of finding the perfect celebration with these amazing date ideas! Make it extra special, and have the most romantic day with your new love.