50 Unique kids birthday party themes that are sure to make a splash

As a parent, you want to throw the best possible birthday party for your child. One way to make the party truly unforgettable is by choosing a fun and exciting theme. To help inspire your next birthday party, I’ve put together a list of 50 of the best kids birthday party themes. From classic to trendy, there’s something for every child!

Space Party:

Take your little ones on a space adventure with a party that features space-themed decorations, games, and activities.

Host your party on a Mars mining colony

Superhero Party:

Encourage your guests to dress up in their favorite superhero costumes and decorate the party space with superhero-themed decor.

Princess Party:

Set up a DIY dress-up station with princess costumes and accessories, and decorate the party space with pink and sparkly decor.

Jungle Party:

Transform your backyard into a jungle with decorations like animal prints, vines, and tropical foliage.

Pirate Party:

Set sail with a pirate-themed party that includes a treasure hunt and pirate-themed decorations like skulls and crossbones.

Tea Party:

For a more refined affair, host a tea party with fancy tea cups, elegant decorations, and dainty snacks.

Dinosaur Party:

Transport your guests back in time with a dinosaur-themed party featuring dinosaur decorations, games, and activities.

Circus Party:

Bring the circus to your backyard with a party featuring carnival games, circus-themed decorations, and even a clown or two.

Under the Sea Party:

Dive into a party filled with ocean-themed decorations like seashells, starfish, and seaweed.

Garden Party:

Host a garden-themed party with flower decorations, nature-inspired games, and even a planting activity.

Sports Party:

Celebrate your little athlete with a sports-themed party featuring decorations, games, and activities related to their favorite sport.

Unicorn Party:

Create a magical atmosphere with decorations featuring rainbows, glitter, and, of course, unicorns!

Lego Party:

Let your child’s imagination run wild with a Lego-themed party featuring Lego decorations and even a building competition.

Hollywood Party:

Roll out the red carpet for your guests with a Hollywood-themed party featuring decorations like stars, movie reels, and movie posters.

Art Party:

Get creative with an art-themed party that includes painting activities, artsy decorations, and even an art show.

Circus Animal Party:

Celebrate your child’s love of animals with a circus animal-themed party featuring animal decorations and even a petting zoo.

Robot Party:

Embrace the future with a robot-themed party featuring decorations like metallic colors and robot designs.

Luau Party:

Bring the tropics to your backyard with a luau-themed party featuring decorations like hula skirts, leis, and tiki torches.

Wild West Party:

Transport your guests to the Wild West with cowboy-themed decorations and activities like a horse ride or lasso competition.

Farm Party:

Get back to nature with a farm-themed party featuring decorations like hay bales, farm animals, and even a petting zoo.

Emoji Party:

Embrace the digital age with an emoji-themed party featuring decorations like emoji balloons, cakes, and even a photo booth.

Safari Party:

Take your guests on a safari adventure with decorations like animal prints, jungle foliage, and binoculars.

Rainbow Party:

Celebrate your child’s love of color with a rainbow-themed party featuring decorations like rainbow balloons, streamers, and even rainbow foods.

Firefighter Party:

Pay tribute to our local heroes with a firefighter-themed party featuring decorations like fire trucks and firefighter hats.

Candyland Party:

Create a sweet atmosphere with a Candyland-themed party featuring decorations like giant lollipops, candy-colored balloons, and even a candy buffet.

Wizard Party:

Transport your guests to the world of magic with a wizard-themed party featuring decorations like wands, potion bottles, and even a sorting hat.

Science Party:

Get hands-on with a science-themed party featuring experiments, decorations like beakers and test tubes, and even lab coats for the guests.

Garden Fairy Party:

Host a magical party with a garden fairy theme, featuring decorations like fairy wings, flower crowns, and even a fairy house building activity.

Mermaid Party:

Dive into a party under the sea with a mermaid-themed party featuring decorations like shells, seaweed, and even a mermaid tail crafting activity.

Carnival Party:

Bring the excitement of the carnival to your backyard with carnival games, decorations like balloons and streamers, and even cotton candy.

Knight Party:

Embrace the medieval era with a knight-themed party featuring decorations like swords, shields, and even a castle bounce house.

Ninja Party:

Train like a ninja with a party featuring decorations like ninja stars and weapons, and even a ninja obstacle course.

Monster Party:

Embrace the spooky with a monster-themed party featuring decorations like fake cobwebs, monster masks, and even a monster cupcake decorating station.

Spa Party:

Host a relaxing and pampering party with a spa theme, featuring decorations like fluffy towels, face masks, and even mini massages for the guests.

Harry Potter Party:

Celebrate the wizarding world with a Harry Potter-themed party featuring decorations like Hogwarts banners, broomsticks, and even a potions class.

Emoji Movie Party:

Take the Emoji party to the next level with a movie screening of the Emoji movie, and decorations featuring characters like Gene and Jailbreak.

Ice Cream Party:

Cool off with an ice cream-themed party featuring decorations like ice cream cones, sprinkles, and even an ice cream sundae bar.

Rock Star Party:

Turn up the music with a rock star-themed party featuring decorations like guitars, microphones, and even a karaoke machine.

Jungle Safari Party:

Take your guests on a jungle safari with decorations like animal masks, binoculars, and even a safari-themed photo booth.

Beach Party:

Bring the beach to your backyard with a beach-themed party featuring decorations like beach balls, sand buckets, and even a wave pool.

Minecraft Party:

Embrace the world of Minecraft with a party featuring decorations like pixelated grass and dirt blocks, and even a Minecraft building competition.

Art Deco Party:

Take it back to the roaring twenties with an art deco-themed party featuring decorations like gold and black streamers, and even a jazz band.

Ballet Party:

Host a graceful party with a ballet theme featuring decorations like tutus, ballet slippers, and even a dance class.

Safari Adventure Party:

Take your guests on a safari adventure with decorations like jungle vines, animal masks, and even a safari-themed scavenger hunt.

Movie Night Party:

Host a cozy movie night party with decorations like a DIY movie theater, popcorn, and even a red carpet photo booth.

Outer Space Party:

Explore the universe with an outer space-themed party featuring decorations like planets, stars, and even an astronaut training course.

Frozen Party:

Celebrate the winter season with a Frozen-themed party featuring decorations like snowflakes, icicles, and even a Frozen sing-along.

Football Party:

Cheer on your favorite team with a football-themed party featuring decorations like footballs, goal posts, and even a game of flag football.

Zombie Party:

Get into the Halloween spirit with a zombie-themed party featuring decorations like fake blood, zombie makeup, and even a zombie dance party.

Dinosaur Party:

Travel back in time with a dinosaur-themed party featuring decorations like dinosaur skeletons, fossils, and even a dino dig activity.


With these 50 kids birthday party themes, there is sure to be something for every child’s interests and hobbies. Remember to keep the party age-appropriate and consider any allergies or dietary restrictions when planning the menu. To make the party planning process easier, consider using a party planning checklist and don’t forget to enlist the help of friends and family. With some creativity, organization, and a lot of fun, you can create a memorable and special birthday celebration for your child. Happy party planning!