11 Unique Team Activities in San Francisco Bay Area


You have probably heard about San Francisco and its iconic Golden Gate bridge and Victorian houses, but do you know of the really unique things to do in this city? Here are 11 unique things to do in San Francisco. Let’s see if you discover something new and how many you already know.

Cat Cafe 

For all cat lovers out there, KitTea is definitely an experience you want to make time for if you’re visiting San Francisco. This is one of a kind cat shelter and at the same time the perfect place to sip a cup of high-quality tea while you support rescue cats. Events are always going on, from visiting the place just to hang out with some fellow furry friends to enjoying a Mewvie night.  Booking is really simple tickets and hours, as well as availability for each event, are posted on their website. 

Hornblower Classic Cable Cars

Definitely, an only-in San Francisco thing to do is to ride a cable car, but what about riding the Hornblower Classic Cable Cars? Started in the late ’50s, this is now not only the first and largest motorized cable car company but a unique way of transportation that offers all types of tours and events around the city. From a corporate event to weddings or simply a special occasion, it’s a party on wheels you obviously don’t want to miss out on! Check out their packages and deals, they offer city tours and private charters for every type of event. 


Audium theater offers an immersive sound experience featuring a variety of “sound sculptures” that broadcast on 169 speakers making it probably one of the most unique theaters you could possibly think of. It is all based on the art of sounds. Visitors like Lucas Film and Walt Disney have come to this place in the early ’00s just to enjoy such distinctive performances. The 49-seat theater performs in complete darkness and is open Thursdays through Saturdays. To plan your visit you can buy your tickets online or at the box office right at the venue. 

Creator Burger 

Something we all have thought of is the idea of robots taking over the world. At Creator, they did. Check out how a burger is freshly made by a robot using the best culinary techniques and ingredients in the bay. Every burger at the Creator is made from scratch, brioche buns are baked daily, and veggies like tomatoes, onions, and pickles are sliced crisp to order. They have up to 12 seasonings and chefs’ creations are available to taste. They are open Wednesday through Friday and bookings for events and tours are available on their website as well as a calendar where you can schedule your visit. 

Future Tech Escape Room 

If you like robots, immerse yourself in the sci-fi adventures at the world’s first future tech escape room located in San Francisco. It’s one of a kind experience you’ll want all your friends or colleagues to be a part of. Whether a party or an offsite this is the high-tech robotic extravaganza experience you’ve been looking for. Did someone say escape rooms based on problem-solving puzzles mixed with the latest technology like VR, holograms, and drones.? You’ll def want to escape your city to check it out.

Art tour: Peephole Cinema and Graffiti Murals 

Prepare to be amazed at the Peephole Cinema and the silent short films it plays on repeat. Hidden in an alley in the heart of the Mission district, this small theater and literal hole in the wall is open to anybody who is willing to peer into it. The short film vignettes play day and night so you can come by anytime and enjoy this unique art expression by Laurie O’Brien. If you are still down to see some more cool art then come hang out and take a Mission Street Art Tour with the Wild SF crew, they offer a 1.75-hour long tour where you can learn everything about how murals and graffiti are to the role they play in San Francisco’s culture.

Asia SF 

An only-in San Francisco show that started twenty years ago and is now world-famous because of its cabaret show and nightclub. Located in the SOMA neighborhood this iconic landmark offers a great variety of food and entertainment while being a visionary and support for the transgender community by giving an empowering recognition to the ladies of AsiaSF offering a safe space and great employment opportunities, and at the same time educate people about the transgender experience and human diversity. The show is usually accompanied by dinner so multiple packages are available if you are coming with a large or small party, also don’t forget to check out the dance club on Fridays and Saturdays!

Surfing NorCal

NorCal has definitely some of the best beaches to catch waves, join the surfing crew and bring some friends along with your surfboard, and experience a really California thing to do. Regardless of being a beginner or not, you can try this popular sport by taking some lessons, some of them offered in the original “Surf City” in Santa Cruz, as well as Pacifica and San Francisco. Book private lessons available 365 days a year, for all types of groups. If you are a big fan of waves, check out Mavericks beach where you can see the biggest waves and watch some professional surfers compete. 

Hot Air Balloon in Napa Valley 

Nothing more magical than taking a trip in a hot air balloon, and especially if you do it in Napa! Come enjoy the views high above the vineyards and explore wine country, a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will remember forever. Whether with family or friends this ride is something special. Although pricey for some the experience is well worth it. Packages offer not only a balloon ride but a brunch with mimosas while waiting for the balloon to get ready to fly. Others even offer the option to go have lunch to a Michelin star restaurant in Napa as well as transportation back. Prices and packages are available in the website, so you can plan and book your visit. 

San Francisco Seaplane Tour 

Take a glimpse out the window and admire the beauty of San Francisco from the air while enjoying an adventurous ride on a seaplane. This tour, starting from Sausalito, takes you over the bay where you can see breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and even Muir Woods, downtown SF among other places. During the flight, the pilot and crew point out landmarks so you get a chance to learn some historical facts about the city. Everybody in this flight gets a window seat and transportation is available from pier 39. Landing is safe and back in Sausalito, so if you want you can feel free to explore it on your own afterward. A minimum of two people is required for booking and other additional information is available at the website. 


Getaways always sound like a good idea and here we have the perfect spot for you. Visit Yosemite and adventure in this backpacking experience while enjoying nature’s views. If you are a hiking lover then this is definitely a must. Yosemite offers one of the best hiking trails in California. Tours with expert guides that can show you the hidden gems of this place are a great option if you’re interested in learning more about the history of Yosemite. Perfect for family and friends. Multiple hikes plans are also available if you are looking for a multi-day adventure for your team.  


There it is! A complete full list of 11 unique things to do in San Francisco that you can lead your friends or colleagues on. Party like a local now that you know about these hidden gems, and show you team how to really work together out and have fun in the bay.