Community Hero Awards

Nominate your favorite community hero today!

No capes required.

Winners receive a profile featureand a specialLola in Space簞 Remote Team Escapeto bond with their family and friends while doing what they do best — saving the day!

It could be the grandma from your favorite corner store, the nurse that delivered your #Coronnial baby, or a colleague that kept your spirits high during the darkest of times. We are seeking out unsung heroes who touch others lives —- so we can Thank them

Let’s celebrate human kindness and inspire others. Help us spread the word and nominate a hero today!

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Meet our community hero: Nithin Parthasarathy

Tell us about yourself:  Im a 16-year-old High School student and I am from Orange County, California. Im the founder of the non-profit organization Zero Waste Initiative, dedicated to donating baking goods to charities.  How did your organization get started? It all started in January of 2020 when I was eating at a Brueggers bagel

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Meet our Community Hero: Rose Foong

Tell us about yourself:  I was born in Indonesia and was living in Malaysia for a few years. Like everyone else, we love spicy food. I came here as a student and have been living in the US for almost 20 years. Im now located in Daly City by San Francisco borderlines with my family.

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Meet our Community Hero: Shovana Thulung

Tell us about yourself: My name is Shovana Thulung and Im from Nepal. Professionally, I am a developer/photographer. I have been living in San Francisco for the past seven years.I created Sew Masks 4 SF as a way to help increase the number of masks being made and distributed in shelters, hospitals, and nursing homes

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kerby in his garage

Meet our community hero: Kerby Lau

Tell us about yourself: I was born and raised in San Francisco, I went to Lincoln High School and after graduation, I joined the airforce as a firefighter before becoming the civilian firefighter that I am now. (been a San Francisco firefighter for 27 years now and might have 3 years left) I also enjoy

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Meet our Community Hero: Emanuel Alvarez

Tell us about yourself:  My name is Emanuel and my wife and I are serving and running nonprofit organizations for women and children with needs, escaping domestic violence or homelessness in Guatemala. It all started when we made the decision to adopt our five children and saw all the pain and suffering the kids go

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delivery day

Meet our Community Hero: Meredith Ayres

Tell us about yourself My name is Meredith and Ive been a perinatal nurse for nine years.  I started my nursing career in San Diego after graduation from San Diego State University, go Aztecs!  I moved back up to the bay area and love living in San Francisco!  I love my job because it’s unique

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"The Community Hero Awards give us a chance to energize and catalyze the empathy that is all around us.

Fine Print:

  • no you can’t nominate yourself
  • there is no cost to nominate or receive an award
  • you can nominate multiple people but quality > quantity
  • there is no geographical restriction  
  • award does not have cash value and can not be redeemed for cash
  • if you’d like to  help, contact [email protected]