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Lola in Space°

Lola is a civilian who accidentally got herself trapped in the supply module on the ISS while mission control is offline. The game video conferences team members from different locations to interact with a real-life “Lola” virtually and help her escape.

Team size 5-9
Snall Teams



An astronaut is stranded on the Lunar Station. Players can remote control props on the station, interface with a real-life avatar, interface with an AI mission assistant, and collaborate with each other to launch the first rescue mission to the moon.

Team size 10-100
Large Teams

Onsite activities are suspended

But they will live on in our memories.. for now

Future Tech
Escape Rooms

Experience the world's first future tech escape room and embark on an epic sci-fi adventure that will challenge your team to adapt, improve, and overcome.
(2hrs duration)

Participants will experiment with the latest technologies such as 3D printer, drones, hologram, robotics and apply them in a series of problem solving scenarios.

3D Portrait Painting Workshop

Combining traditional painting techniques and 3D face scanning technology, an instructor will guide your team to create stunning selfie portrait paintings. Can be combined with event space to extend painting time. (2 hrs duration)

Each participant will take home a 12x16 acrylic on canvas self portrait. All materials are supplied, no prior experience required.

CPR & Defibrillator Workshop

Save a life and survive the upcoming apocalypse. In this workshop your team will learn how to assess and revive each other with Automated External Defibrillators and the latest in CPR techniques. (2.5 hours duration)

Participants will learn life saving skills and receive adult CPR & AED certification from the American Red Cross.

Event options when we are back

Each add on is 1 hour duration

Team Assessment

Strengthen your teamwork and uncover insight around key performance characteristics after your escape room adventure. Team report available upon completion.

Event Space

Thinking about a post-experience lunch meeting or happy hour reception? We can set up our event space classroom or cocktail style for your team to socialize over F&B and mini-games.

Food & Drinks

With an event space booking, you are welcome to bring in your own catering service or have your food and drinks delivered. Our event host will get everything set up!

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“With the Reason, the bar for what to expect [in an escape room] has just been astronomically raised.. with the integration of drone, virtual reality, 3D printing and more into their high-tech escape room!”

“One way to humanize modern technology? Get trapped in a room with it and try to escape. A “future technology” game leaves us ready to hug our Roombas!”

“By placing teams in an alien environment, Reason’s space encourages strategic thinking, problem solving, and thinking outside of the box!”

“The Future Technology Escape Room in San Francisco is an innovative concept that brings technology exploration and team building adventure together!”

Located in downtown San Francisco (Soma)