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Human Moon Landings

Mission NameLanding DateLanding TimeLanding SiteCrewSurface DurationEVA Duration
Apollo 117/20/196916:17 EDTSea ofTranquilityNeil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin0:21:312:31
Apollo 1211/19/196902:54 EDTOcean of StormsCharles Conrad, Alan Bean1:01:317:45
Apollo 142/05/197105:18 EDTFra MauroAlan B. Shepard, Edgar Mitchell1:09:309:21
Apollo 157/30/197118:16 EDTHadley RilleDavid Scott, James Irwin2:18:5518:33
Apollo 164/20/197222:23 EDTDescartes HighlandsJohn Young, Charles Duke2:23:0220:14
Apollo 1712/11/197215:54 EDTTaurus-LittrowEugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt3:02:5922:04