How to Build a Team from Scratch

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Building a team is one of a leaders many joys. You put in the effort to shape them as they grow then get to watch them with pride as they use their skills to surmount tasks and achieve progress. Very few things compare to the satisfaction of seeing your team take on challenges and deliver … Read more

Unique Ways to Celebrate your Team

The year is winding down, but this final stretch run is often the most hectic. End-of-year deadlines combine with never-ending lists of holiday to-dos and time just goes whooshing by and suddenly its next year. But this is also the time of the year that gives us an opportunity to reflect on what weve accomplished … Read more

Maximize Team Bonding at Your Next Holiday Party

Tis the season: Holiday gatherings abound, and your year-end company party is no exception. The Elvis impersonator is singing and team members are mingling, but theres a lot more to the celebration than simply having a good time. These days, corporate holiday parties are designed to promote team bonding. According to research conducted by staffing … Read more

Singularity of Art and Technology

When AI will have become so advanced that it triggers runaway growth, we would have reached the inevitableTechnological singularityMost experts predict a date around the middle of the century for AI superintelligence to emerge. Yep, Robots which are smarter than ourselves, self-aware and with an agenda. This might sound pretty scary, but according to our … Read more

Get Ready, Let’s Talk About Robots!

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What a time to be alive! As we sit in a self-driving Uber, using Siri to find the Autonomous Raman Machine in San Francisco while downloading the Mitsuku Chatbot App and EZ Builder Mobile Robot App we get to delve into the age old question of what is mankinds need for robots, and why are … Read more

10 Best Escape Room Tips to Beat Your Next Game

Introduction A lot of escape room players ask, “what are some things that strong teams do in an escape game?” Here, we will share some concrete tips to help your team win any escape game. 10. Share your discoveries Escape rooms involve multiple people looking at different things and finding different clues. After finding something … Read more