In Musk We Trust

must we trust static

So after 3 years or requests, we decided it’s finally time to make our very first T-shirt schwawwwwwwwwg. But what should we put on it? No way it was gonna be a same old boring startup logo Tee. We needed something that makes a bold statement. Something that shows our dedication to the future. Something … Read more

The Tunnel Vision Trap

boring company tunnel

Introduction So you signed up for an escape room with friends or co-workers to strengthen those relational bonds, flex your team morale, and overall boost everyones endorphins, awesome! Before you get locked in though, be wary of this common trap that can ensnare individuals during their mission against the clock. Weve seen it happen to … Read more

What is Social Loafing?

two hands holding up a loaf of bread, looks delicious

Introduction Escape rooms are, by nature, group activities. The more the merrier and the better the performance, right? Not so fast! Just because youre chummy with the group youve decided to risk your freedom with, doesnt mean everyones going to be pulling their respective weight. Unfortunately, in group settings, a special phenomenon called social loafing … Read more

Getting Engaged? A Guide to Proposing in an Escape Room

Recently here at Reason, we witnessed something beautiful. When Michael first approached us with his unconventional idea, we were shocked. Weve had many events go down here; birthday celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, retirement functions, to name a few. So when Michael asked us about proposing to his girlfriend Carine at Reason, we jumped at the opportunity … Read more