Team Building – Top 10 Reasons Why People Avoid It

When the words “team-building” come up, many people have a wide range of emotions. They range from utter dread to a feeling of darkness only rivaled by the depths of the Marianas Trench. Team building events are a common activity in any company, so it is not an issue of unfamiliarity. In addition, if participants … Read more

Different Project Management Methodologies Visualized

Does your team use any of these project management methodologies? Parts of each methodology can be applied to different teams and functions. Take a look at the picture first before we talk; about each methodology. What is Project Management, and why is it important? Project management helps business leaders and managers utilize all available resources … Read more

An Escape Room Blog? Are You Sure About That?

Intro Hello! It’s been almost a year and a half since Reason first opened the public, and it’s about time we started a blog. Why a blog? Well, we come across very interesting teams from different backgrounds at our future tech escape rooms every day, and we are also a small business learning new things … Read more