10 Best Escape Room Tips to Beat Your Next Game

Introduction A lot of escape room players ask, “what are some things that strong teams do in an escape game?” Here, we will share some concrete tips to help your team win any escape game. 10. Share your discoveries Escape rooms involve multiple people looking at different things and finding different clues. After finding something … Read more

At The Intersection of Art & Technology

sun shining on ISS

Art and science are intertwined. Ever since artists mixed minerals to create pigments to paint with, visual arts have depended on the science of optics to express themselves with a stunning range of colors. Photography was made possible by chemistry and Bach’s counterpoints are the masterful products of mathematics. Like art, science attempts to help … Read more

Tips and tricks for an awesome team building event

Team-building events are opportunities to increase team cohesion and optimize team performance. In this post, we will share some tips and tricks that will help turn your next team-building occasion into an all-time hit! Tip 1:Embrace downtime Downtime is the best times to get out of the office and rejuvenate your teams mind and spirit … Read more

How to Find Budget For A Team Building Event

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The Challenge Organizations of all sizes benefit from employees who trust each other and work well with each other. A team’s performance is often a function of time and energy invested in fostering a strong culture and nurturing atmosphere. In creating a culture where teamwork is rewarded and encouraged, many teams conduct team-building events outside … Read more

Upping your Escape Game and Puzzles with Lumosity

Lumosity Engineering @Reason Last week, we hosted the engineering team from Lumosity. This San Francisco based startup builds a brain training app using puzzles and games. Over 85 million people worldwide use the app to challenge their core cognitive abilities; from memory, attention, flexibility, speed of processing, and problem solving. Some may even use it … Read more

Team Building – Top 10 Reasons Why People Avoid It

When the words “team-building” come up, many people have a wide range of emotions. They range from utter dread to a feeling of darkness only rivaled by the depths of the Marianas Trench. Team building events are a common activity in any company, so it is not an issue of unfamiliarity. In addition, if participants … Read more

Different Project Management Methodologies Visualized

Does your team use any of these project management methodologies? Parts of each methodology can be applied to different teams and functions. Take a look at the picture first before we talk; about each methodology. What is Project Management, and why is it important? Project management helps business leaders and managers utilize all available resources … Read more

An Escape Room Blog? Are You Sure About That?

Intro Hello! It’s been almost a year and a half since Reason first opened the public, and it’s about time we started a blog. Why a blog? Well, we come across very interesting teams from different backgrounds at our future tech escape rooms every day, and we are also a small business learning new things … Read more