5 Best Escape Rooms in San Francisco

Hello escape room lovers (dont worry, if this doesnt apply to you now it will soon enough). Have I gotten a treat for you. Yep, this is the list youve been waiting for: a list of the absolute best escape rooms in San Francisco! Go ahead and round up your friends, coworkers, family, neighbors (maybe even your landlord, sway them into rent control?) and check out these amazing, innovative experiential games and escape rooms in the bay.

Real Escape Game

Real Escape Game is *the spot* for solo players. You can roll up and trust me theyll take care of you and before you know it youll be locked up with your new best friends (if you dont escape theyll really become your best friends). Real Escape Game is also the OG of the bay, which is incredibly respectable given how tough the escape room industry is. This place is also good for escape room purists; their rooms lean towards the classic escape room experience and have all of the types of puzzles youve been itching to impress your teammates with.

real escape game sf



Maybe you arent riding solo, and now you have a small escape room crew. Om Escape is the perfect option for your team! Theyre in Richmond and absolutely worth the drive. Om Escape does a fantastic job with their storytelling and really creating an experience, not just a series of puzzles. You feel immersed in the game and are thus even more motivated to escape! They have lots of awesome games for small teams and can create a really great experience for your team.

laser room in richmond


Escape SF

Escape SF is unique because they have a very cool mobile escape room called the Space Bus, meaning they can come to you. Also unlike most mobile escape rooms, Escape SF is high quality and really comes to deliver. They arrive in their branded bus with all of their electronic props, so you dont have to worry about a thing except how youre going to escape this room on wheels! Due to their mobile nature, Escape SF is great choice if your boss wont let you leave the office or you are strapped for time. Try a new type of escape room knowing youll have an amazing time.

escape sf



Reason offers very high tech, sci-fi based games that are great options for large teams. Weather you are in the reactor or crash site, the companys goal is to humanize players relationships with technology and with one another. Each game is located in hand crafted sci-fi sets and features the latest in emerging tech including VR, holograms, robotics, drones, etc. Reason has the largest escape rooms in the industry designed for teams and is experienced in coordinating large corporate event such as workshops, happy hours, and offsites.

corporate team crushing a puzzle


Palace Game

Palace Games are a series of historical escape rooms done with an impressively high production value. Similar to Reason, they build their games in house, bravo and kudos! Palace Game has several different historical games based on famous characters like Houdini, Roosevelt, and more! The games are great choice for smaller teams and is located in the very picturesque Palace of Fine Arts in SF. It’s a historical landmark and site of 1915 World’s fair where Harry Houdini actually hung out!

palace game at the palace of fine arts


In a city filled where creativity and innovation like San Francisco, there is bound to be a ton of escape rooms and interactive games. This list highlights the best of the best, be it for their themes, unique application, or level of technical intricacy. Take your teammates to one or all of the locations on this list and get ready to become an escape room artist!

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